Style guide for a beautiful Indian bride

by Mansi Kohli

Mini style guide for a beautiful Indian bride on how to wear a red lehenga stylishly on her wedding day!

Talk about power, love, seduction, dynamism or the naughty quirky personality looking at the color palette, and one would point out to the shades of red being juxtaposed as the ideal hue in description. Red as a color on any beautiful Indian brides would be instrumental as a hue in accord to the beliefs and customs of the Hindu tradition and culture.Beautiful Indian bride 01

The deep hues of red mark and symbolize a girl’s entry into a new life, her new home and of marital bliss. Testimony to the fact, not only the bridal lehenga has a splash of red, but the bride’s hands and feet are adored with traditional mehndi in dark brown and red too; so would be the sindoor- seal of love and togetherness with a pinch of red powder.

Finally, the first steps of the beautiful Indian bride in her new home, once again marked with red- feet dipped in red water and trails left behind in red, as she enters her new home, symbolizing a new role to start with.

While the new-age Indian woman would say “anything but red” when it comes to choosing a chic and luxe bridal lehenga for her wedding; traditionally speaking there are modern Indian brides that prefer the shades of crimson and red over any other hue or color. So yes, if you are one of them who would want a red crimson wedding theme, haute bridal couture and to shine as a beautiful Indian bride in resplendent reds- here’s a mini guide to help style you up. Read on!

Statement accessories to wear with a red lehenga:

Now that you’ve shopped for that lovely designer lehenga and are ready to be one of the most beautiful Indian brides ever seen, don’t allow anything to come in between from making it happen the way you want. By the way, have you thought about the statement accessories and neck pieces to wear with the red bridal lehenga?  Here are some of your options-

  • Maang tikkas, earrings and anklets would add to the glamorous touch and so would a necklace, but keeping in mind the color of the lehenga– red, we suggest the beautiful Indian bride wears an antique piece on D-Day. Think on the lines of Rajwada maang tikkas, ethnic kundan earrings and polka anklets too.Beautiful Indian bride 05
  • You may also choose to have colored stones on your statement bridal accessories- greens and reds, blues and violets, beiges and pinks suit a red lehenga very well. Bangles and bracelets worn with a full kundan neck piece are trendy statements to make- thewa necklaces for example aren’t too heavy but have a royal regal touch to them, with polka stones and kundan designs.Beautiful Indian bride 06
  • If you aren’t wearing a maang tikka, you could opt for a passa- stylish and very chic to wear with the red lehenga. From neutral shades to beaded passas, whites to yellow golds, rose golds to maroons, orange to peaches, with or without stones and more- choose your passa that best compliments the personality of the beautiful Indian bride.Beautiful Indian bride 07

Makeup styles with a red lehenga for the beautiful Indian bride:

While red is the color of the bridal couture you would be wearing at the wedding, we would want you to pay good attention to the bridal makeup choices you make. Here are your options-

  • Gold and maroon eyes would work like magic and compliment the beautiful red lehenga you would be wearing at your wedding. What we would want you to do though is to smudge the eyes with shades of maroon and just a hint of gold in the inner corner of the eyes. The upper and lower lash line should be darkened with kajal (2 strokes) and two swipes of invisible mascara should be used to enhance the lashes.Beautiful Indian bride 08
  • Don’t go too heavy with the bronzer or the blush– remember, your statement neck pieces are loud as it is, which is why minimal blush and bronzer for the cheeks (1 stroke) is more than enough.Beautiful Indian bride 09
  • For the lips, we would look at a touch of crimsons and pinks in a mix. Start by applying a pink liner to the lips, especially near the cupid’s brow- helps with a pouty lip effect. Next we would apply a little powder to the center zone of the lips, followed with two strokes of red lipstick. Blend with a brush and add a little pink gloss to finish the look.

Putting your best foot forward:

Wearing a red lehenga and getting all dolled up like a princess takes time, and for sure you’d want the accolades to flow in as well- but what about the footwear? Should it be peep-toed sandals, pumps, heels or flat mojris? We would ask you to judge the venue, the climes and the ritual tenure, because your shoes would kill if they aren’t comfortable to wear. Colors to be chosen are neutrals to nudes, silvers to golds, browns to maroons and red wines too- complimenting the motifs and styles or designs of the red lehenga worn by the beautiful Indian bride.Beautiful Indian bride 11

Hair stories for the beautiful Indian bride:

  • From sleek topknots that would help hold the odhnis to the cascading waves where the passa or the maang tikkas sit pretty, if you have long hair, you could tie the tresses up into a neat bun or let them wavy and loose- your choice.Beautiful Indian bride 12
  • Women with medium to long hair can play with soft curls, perms or maybe tie the hair into a sleek bun and embellish with chunky neutral shaded hair accessories. If you have bob cuts, pixies or maybe very thin and short hair, you could adorn the hair with a cute tiara sitting over the odhni.

Before we end, beautiful Indian brides should carry a clutch or a tote bag; neutral shades, gold or silver. It helps keep and store makeup touch up items, and a kerchief too.Beautiful Indian bride 13

We hope that this mini style guide for the beautiful Indian bride in a red lehenga comes in handy. Do let us know your thoughts and opinions on the same- your style ideas too!




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