Beauty Poll #53- What kind of a bride are you?

All you ladies out there, answer these 5 quirky questions to find out what kind of a bride have you been or you are- in the making!Poll Tuesdays


3 or more A’s: You are an ultimate princess and a fairy-tale wedding is pretty much your dream. In order to make your wedding an affair to remember, be sure to have a checklist ready (way way well in advance). Hire an events agency and do draw your inspiration from Sabyasachi’s bridal collection for a stunning lehenga/wedding outfit.

3 or more B’s: You are a simple bride with a pretty simple dream. For a loving, family-oriented person, an ideal wedding outfit would be an elegant red saree. We recommend you opt for a stylish hair ornament that can be sported with a classic bun or a 4-strand braid.

3 or more C’s: Ooh! The stylish one! You can’t spend a day away from the social media sites. For your cocktail party, sport a sexy evening gown. Cat eyes and a red pout are a MUST-DOs!

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