10 Beautiful maang tikka ideas for the modern Indian bridal look

by Mansi Kohli

A sensual Indian bridal look isn’t complete without one key component of the Solah Shringar – the maang tikka!

While the solah shringar is the epitome of an Indian bridal look, every piece has a story and a rich tradition behind it told to the world. Keeping that in mind, we would want you to look the finest on D-Day and at your wedding, or maybe at your bestie’s big day. So if you are planning to pick up modern maang tikkas that speak of the sassy you, the quirky personality you hold and a piece that you can wear to other special events too, here we bring to you ten of the finest Indian bridal looks with maang tikkas – a piece that compliments every ensemble- Indian, western and Indo-Western too. Read on!Indian bridal look 01

1. Street Style Indian Boho Chic Lass: Yes, we did mention that the exquisite Indian bridal look can be merged with a chic street style touch too, and this is for the bohemian at heart who would love to express herself in styles quite sophisticated yet quirky at the same time. An Indo-Western ensemble– cropped zardozi tops and a dark skirt with heels, flaunting a minimal yet elegant maang tikka as an accessory, ups the ante for the bridesmaids attending the wedding – you may just steal more than the onlookers gaze!Indian bridal look 02

2. Bringing out your quirky personalityStyles galore, you need to have a look that speaks of individualism and high fashion at the same time. A sensually draped netted saree in deep gold accents and motifs, with net and lace as its base calls for the right statement accessories for show! Matte bangles for the hands, a sleek kamarbandh for the waist and a super sassy yet large chunky crystal-stoned maang tikka for the hair, would be an ideal fashion statement to make.Indian bridal look 033. Triple laced maang tikkas: For the lass who wants more than just the one-time affair, she wouldn’t want to settle with anything ordinary. This is why wearing the triple laced white beaded and a ruby red center stone maang tikka for the wedding or a special event pre-wedding would be an apt statement to make. You could wear the maang tikka with your hair tied into a sleek low bun or with wild cascading tresses left loose- the latter is very bohemian in nature.Indian bridal look 04

4. The luxe kundan emerald set: Talk of royalty and resplendence in Indian bridal looks and one cannot forget the use of kundan jewelry sets- the maang tikkas and nathnis combined. Very regal, sensual and quite a statement to make, the modern Indian woman has firmly stuck to her traditional ways, displaying a modern sassy touch with emeralds and beads, while the kundan art steals more than just the look!Indian bridal look 055. Moon-shaped maang tikkas: Allow the blessings of Goddess Luna (moon) to bestow the happy and very auspicious moments as the two of you walk the aisle and around the sacred fire, taking vows with one another. Stunning and minimalistic would be the moon maang tikka in emeralds and rubies, sitting pretty on the hairdo and dangling above the crown chakra.Indian bridal look 066. Double moon for the bride who loves it two ways: There is always a tag of elegance with kundan sets and that is one of the reasons why the Indian brides shine bright at their weddings. An epitome of beauty and grace combined, the double moon maang tikka sitting above the crown chakra and made from luxe emeralds and beads, graces and compliments the Indian bridal look!Indian bridal look 07Indian bridal look 087. Rustic charms for the hair and the head: The crowning glory effect only comes through when the chicest of statement head pieces and hair accessories are worn. The Indian bridal look comes complete with a rustic neutral and white maang tikka, gracing and adding grandeur to the vivacious bridal affair.Indian bridal look 09Indian bridal look 10We hope these seven modern Indian bridal looks with maang tikkas give you the much needed inspiration for dolling up at your wedding.



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