20 Trendy hairstyles for long hair

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Take a look at some of the trendiest and easy-to-do hairstyles for women with long hair! 

This winter season, whether attending a wedding or a friend’s mehndi night, staying indoor for a family get-together or inviting friends over for a house party, just don’t forget to try these hairstyles for long hair. How? Well, get into a gorgeous winter outfit of your choice, sport a stylish nail art inspired by winter motifs, wear a natural pink blush on your cheeks, a sexy lip stain for a pout and there you go lady. Hang on! Did we tell you how to manage your long tresses? Well! No matter how cool does a pixie cut look or how much attention a bob or a lob maybe getting, but you see, long hair will never go out of fashion. That’s why Zuri presents to you 20 trendy hairstyles for long hair.Hairstyles for long hair 46If you have long hair and you are in a state of fix as to how to wear them for a party, a casual event or at workplace, then your confusion ends here. Long hair never goes out of style. Long hair length makes it extremely versatile to sport a trendy hairdo. You can roll them up in a sleek bun or leave them open in waves or curls.Hairstyles for long hair 47

1. Romantic Braids: Who says braids look good only in summers? And who says a braid can look plain and boring? Well, whosoever said all this has clearly not tried end number of variations in a braid hairstyle. French, Dutch, fishtail, side braid- they have all become too common. Look sporty and chic with a crown braid which is very easy to make. Pull two low braids up over your head, and pin. You can add a bit of a quirk by attaching neon hair strands and including them in a regular 3-strand braid. Add fresh flowers for a romantic effect. You can also weave in a colorful ribbon for a playful touch. 

2. Sexy Open Curly Waves: If your long hair has a lot of volume, then open waves is an ideal hairstyle. You can bring in a bit of a curly touch to them for a sexy look. Loose curly wavy look can be easily achieved at home. Wait for a day after washing your hair. For loose curly waves, the hair texture needs to slightly wavy. For tighter curls, use a curling iron and apply it at the lowest heat setting (after all, we must also worry about our hair’s health). Wrap your hair around the curling barrel of the iron for atleast 10 seconds. Go strand by strand for a neat look. It will obviously take a lot of time if you have a lot of hair. Take help from a friend or a family member. Zuri also recommends that you apply some kind of hair-product that protects them from heat. This will also make sure that your hair stays protected from the heat. At the end comb your hair with your fingers. Don’t use a comb or a hair brush because that can end up opening all the curls from the tip end.Hairstyles for long hair 48

3. Chic Ponytails: A ponytail can be worn for a workout at a nearby gym as well as to a red carpet event. Don’t believe us? Well, that’s how incredible a ponytail is. A ponytail can be classy when worn high up or can be tied way down (at the base of the neck) for a relaxed look. For a sleek, polished look, straighten your hair and opt for a much in-vogue center partition.Hairstyles for long hair 49

4. Elegant Buns: Another extremely versatile hairdo. There are 100 variations in a bun-based-hairstyle. Twist and pin, switch, flower, ballerina, classic chignon, low-roll, French-twist..the list is endless.Hairstyles for long hair 50

Some of the other hairstyles which have originated from these 4 (above mentioned) hairstyles are:

  • Smart Partially Tied-up Hairstyles: They look extremely playful. Can be sported on a formal as well as a casual event. 
  • Braided Buns: If Boho-Chic is your style statement, then a braided bun is all that you need to wear with black smokey or smudged eyes. An evening gown with minimalist work on it is good to go for a cocktail party.
  • Braided Waves: Cute, stylish and edgy. It is an overnight hairstyle for long hair and requires no heat-based styling equipment. So the next time you girlies have a pajama party, ask your BFF to help you with the braids. The next morning is going to be the best one for an ultimate braided-wavy-hair-look 😉





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