18 Beautiful mehandi designs for winter weddings

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

This winter, choose from these beautiful traditional mehendi designs that are sure to make you look stunning on your D-Day!

There are several kinds and types of wardrobe guides available on outfits, makeup and what not to do during the great Indian wedding season, but only a few include mehandi designs. How to keep yourself warm and still look sizzling hot, how to put on nude makeup and still be able to look stunning. Tips and tricks to achieve an amazing look inspired by the trendiest colors and fashion. But, mehandi application, although the most important part of any Indian wedding is pretty much thought towards the last few days of all the wedding preparation. Today, Zuri would like to share best of the best art for an ultimate hand decoration.Mehandi designs 97

From Arabic to traditional (Rajasthani, Marwari), from intricate to minimalist, this wedding season, take your pick from these 18 mind-blowing art which are popular, elegant and intricate. A typical wedding art is incomplete without a dulha (groom) and dulhan (bride) motif. A bride can have her hands painted in red or black henna paste and add glitter, stones or sparkle to add glory to the design.Mehandi designs 98

To complete the look, get a few more motifs added to your dulha-dulhan figures. Opt for a dancing peacock, flowers, elephant, hearts, floral vines, drums, trumpets and other traditional (as well as auspicious) objects associated with an Indian wedding. An ideal bridal mehandi is a gorgeous combination of all these motifs thrown in with other intricate patterns. Detailing of a mehandi can be symmetrical. The mehandi artist can also draw slanted lines which are spaced out nicely for a neat look. Those brides who are totally in for a minimalist design theme can go for a break in the pattern to show off the skin. Now, this can be achieved towards the bottom end of the hand (around wrist area) or side end. These days, a lot of brides are also choosing a fusion of Arabic and Indian design.Mehandi designs 99

Most of the peak-winter brides struggle with the question of how to have a dark, ever lasting mehandi. In winter season, it takes longer for the mehandi or henna to dry off.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for mehendi designs :

  • Post the application, avoid cracks in your design. be careful when dabbing the lemon juice-sugar water concoction on your hands and feet. Apply this with dry cotton
  • Leave the paste on for atleast 6 to 8 hours
  • Heat helps a lot, especially during winters. Sit in front of the heater. The heat helps the deep color to develop.
  • Once the paste has been rubbed off, apply vicks vapour rub




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