18 Stunning nail art designs for beginners inspired by winter black

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Best nail art designs inspired by the mysterious winter darkness!

Today Zuri brings to you best of the best and really creative nail art designs themed around the elegant, gorgeous and stunning winter color- black! The most amazing part is that these nail art designs are easy to do and can be tried at home. Black is probably a go-to-color for most of the ladies. A jet-black cocktail dress, or a sexy printed black-and-white saree, a black and golden lehenga or a trendy black salwaar kameez.. You can break the ‘head-to-toe-in-black-color’ monotony with fashionable gold or silver jewellery, latest makeup looks, or a stylish clutch/handbag and sandals in a (non-black) shade.Nail art designs 212

Nail art is in vogue these days. Besides, during winters, other than sporting the bright red and Christmas-y or blue and frosty nails, the next best thing to do with your nails is to dip them in evergreen dark winter black. So, what say ladies! Take a look at the 18 unique and mysterious nail art designs. We are very sure that it will be difficult for you to choose any one from these attractive & cute nail art designs.Nail art designs 213

As a beginner, you wouldn’t want to go for an elaborate or an intricate nail art design. You’d rather keep it simple. So, our handpicked nail art designs can truly inspire all the beginners out there. Some of the art mentioned here require no tool. You can use a bobby-pin or a toothpick to make white dots on an otherwise black base coat. Nail art designs 214

Various other nail art designs for beginners include nail stripes based on contrasting color theme. These can be easily created using slim long brushes or scotch tapes. You can get more creative and try out geometric shapes and patterns. But your hand has to be steady. If using a scotch tape or a stationary tape, make sure to cut the tape in the shape you desire. With neat (and steady) hands, stick it on your fingernail. Then you could conveniently treat your fingernail as a canvas and paint over it. Colored French tips is another option. It is less time consuming. You can try glossy black tips on matte black base coat or red French tips on a glossy black base coat. Add glamour with add-ons, such as, glitter, sparkle, shimmer dust, stones-studs, nail stickers, etc. This is especially for all those ladies who have no time to spare. Applying such tiny accessories to the otherwise monotonous black fingernails can add a lot of festivity to your hands. Water marble is also another popular design technique. It is time-consuming for sure as it requires mixing of nail polish/paints and thereby developing a marble design which is then applied on the nails. But, this one style is pretty awesome!Nail art designs 215So, all you ladies looking to add some style to your winter-look, try out these awesome nail art designs right away!


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