10 New hairstyles for short hair we are currently obsessed with

by Mansi Kohli

If you want a total change and a new look, here are 10 new hairstyles for short hair this SS16!

Want a new look? Since spring is on its way in and summer months aren’t too far away behind, here’s a look at the ten chicest and easiest new hairstyles for short hair we are currently obsessed with. We would want you to take a good look and speak to your parlor lady about them. These are hairdo’s that are very easy to manage, easy to style and can be worn for work, play or for special events as well. So gear up ladies, 2016 hasn’t seen a riot of pixies and bobs like we show it here- splash out on the streets, at office parties, shaadis and sangeets or maybe on a date- behold the age of short haired lasses ruling the world around!New hairstyles for short hair 01

1. Layered short haircutsWhat we love about the layered short hair cuts is that the look can be worn for various occasions and events, happy to somber and just about with anything- Indo-Western, western and very ethnic wear too. If you have a long neck, we would advise you against this hairdo since it makes the neck look longer. You could also use a comb to puff the crown by combing the hair backwards and brushing it gently. Play along with chic chunky accessories on the side or on top of the ears- keep it minimal. Colors that would work wonders for the Indian skin tone here would be light browns to chocolates, red berries to red wine streaks, global browns and pastel blues or the good old jet black too.New hairstyles for short hair 02

2. Medium length bob haircuts: Okay, the medium length bob haircut was a hit in 2013, 14 and 15 and trends show the hairdo sticking on, strong and chic for 2016 as well, but with a messy twist. The medium length bob haircut has evolved from just being blunt or soft, and in 2016 we shall brace ourselves in seeing most women at college and work flaunting a slightly messy touch to the hairdo. So yes, you could use hair products or maybe oil the hair at night and wash it off the next morning, crunching it with your hands for the messy do. Have fun with the medium length bob haircuts this spring and summer!New hairstyles for short hair 03

3. Messy curly wavy pixies: Women who have no time to manage their hair, would love the messy, curly, wavy pixie. Gone are the days when we drooled over Emma Buntons straight haired pixie look– we love it messy now and wouldn’t mind wearing it to work or to college anymore. The messy look isn’t that messy at all, but with waves and the curls done naturally, a look of elegance does come through. And we see this as a sporty trend to flaunt all through Spring-Summer’16, so brace yourselves for the bevy of beauties who are fed up of long hair and would want something short. However, this is a hairdo which is best suited for petite women and girls with defined jawlines! Colors to play with are global touches in reds, browns, deep chocolates and mahoganies to name a few- no streaking please!New hairstyles for short hair 04

New hairstyles for short hair 054. Shags, shags and more of shags: The 70s brought about the shags and the 80s till the early 90s kept the look intact. It didn’t die out, but has evolved in 2016. Where shags were meant for girls with medium to long hair, 2016 has brought the style back with aplomb- pixie to short and medium haired girls can wear them too. Streak the shags, tease it with soft end curls at the nape of the neck, play with shag-bangs on the forehead or simply wear it soft and straight (not poker straight)- the look can gel well with ethnic to western wear ensembles. Colors should compliment the natural hair tone. For example, deep chocolate streaks with dark browns and black hair. Play along!New hairstyles for short hair 06

New hairstyles for short hair 07

New hairstyles for short hair 085. Bob hairstyles with side short bangs: Corporate women would love this hair style- bob hairstyles with side short bangs. Easy to maintain, no fuss, not too many hair products needed and you could wear the look with global hair colors too- bob hairstyles with side short bangs are going to rule most corporate scenes in 2016- mark our words.

New hairstyles for short hair 09New hairstyles for short hair 10New hairstyles for short hair 11We hope these five sexy and very practical easiest new hairstyles for short hair are liked by you. Do speak to your hairdresser to know which of these would suit your face cut and how best the colors would compliment the look you want as well- have fun!



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