18 Smart short hairstyles for thin hair

by Neha Paranjpe

For all those ladies with short thin hair, Zuri has handpicked 18 smart hairstyles for a gorgeous look!

If you are someone who has thin or fine hair, you know the struggle of trying to create new looks with your hair. Every time you try to manage long hairstyles, your hair looks visibly thin and ends up looking lifeless after a while. So if you have been thinking of going short, we have some amazing hairstyle inspirations for you. Take a look at some of the best short hairstyles for thin or fine hair.Short hairstyles for thin hair 01

1. A line bob

The A line bob is a great style for fine hair. It is a symmetrical bob that needs minimal management. You can let your hair stay wavy, curly or straight and it always looks great with this style. For those who like minimal effort and maximum style, this is the best look to go for. With this style you can opt for bangs as well if you fancy.Short hairstyles for thin hair 02

2. Choppy bob

An uneven bob that uses layers to create volume is known as a choppy bob. This too doesn’t require too much care and management, but it is best for those with straight or wavy hair. The choppy looks helps to add volume to the hair even if it is straight and fine and makes it look bouncy and full.Short hairstyles for thin hair 03

3. Pixie cut

The pixie cut was all the rage a few years ago and the style is coming right back. It involves trimming the hair short. The pixie cut can be worn in a variety of ways. It can be swept to one side and can be trimmed fine and spiked depending on what you like. Many people think this is a tom-boy style but that is far from true. You can team up this style with a variety of stylish outfits from dresses, to biker jackets and always pull it off. It also needs the least amount of time to style. Just rub your head dry after a shower and voila, you are good to go.

4. Messy ponytail

Just sweep your hair up into a messy ponytail if you have fine hair. Tease the hair at your crown and leave a few loose strands to frame your face. You can even try side parted bangs that will give the look some volume. This style helps to also add some texture to fine hair and it looks great for almost all occasions from formal to casual as well.

5. Layered bob

If you want to maintain sleek hair, the sleek layered bob is a great option for you. It’s cut like the choppy bob, but the hair appears straight. This is best if you have naturally straight hair or if you like to straighten it every day. This a wonderful style for oval, heart shaped or square faces.

6. Flicked bob

This is the same as a regular bob expect that the ends are flipped outwards. This adds texture and volume to the hair making it look fabulous. It is sleek all over expect the ends which are having some fun. This looks best if you have shoulder length hair, but you can consult your stylist if you want this style in shorter hair also.




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