18 Romantic hairstyles to celebrate Valentines Day in style

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Choose from these 18 romantic hairstyles and look smashing hot on a Valentine’s Day dinner date!

February is the month of love and so all you ladies out there must be busy shopping for red and pink outfits, cosmetics and heart-shaped gifts. Afterall, from fashion and beauty perspective, V Day is pretty much about cute, hot and sexy looks. Even a little black dress or a purple saree with a gorgeous blouse can be quite a stunner on a Valentine’s Day evening dinner with your partner. But, at the end, just while you have got into an amazing outfit and put on the red pout, lovely blush and beautiful eye makeup, it all comes down to hair!Celebrate Valentines 01

A good hairstyle can complete the overall look and enhance the personality. That’s why Zuri brings to you 18 hairstyles ideal for a romantic dinner date or a brunch party. 

Whether you want to look simple and refined or trendy and happening, with these hair looks, you just can’t go wrong. Take a look at these best of the best romantic hairstyles that broadly falls in the following 4 categories:

1. Updos: An updo defines elegance and sophistication. They are best worn with a long dress, an open back gown, a saree with a halter or a deep neck. So, when it comes to a classic bun, why not try a sleek updo? For an elegant evening soiree, expose your neck with a high-up bun or a loose updo which can easily take you to a fairyland where everything is whimsical.

2. Casual: Such hairstyles go well with flirty dresses. From a messy look to having loose curls falling beautifully on your shoulder, a casual hairstyle can make you look like you aren’t trying too hard to impress (despite you trying hard, all dolled-up in a dressy gown). Blunt bangs for women with voluminous, thick hair can be a perfect Valentine’s Day look. If you aren’t too sure of the exact hair look to sport on that special day, then go for lighter ends. Make the tips look less light by highlighting them in an ombre shade. This can be done way well in advance.Celebrate Valentines 02

3. Half-up: Playful and cute, half-ups are a go-go with flowy dresses, gowns, short dresses and even ethnic Indian wear such as a Pakistani suit. A half-up hairstyle accentuates the facial features by emphasizing on the face-cut. Team it up with chandelier earrings or a pair of danglings.Celebrate Valentines 03

4. Braids: For a neat, quirky look, braid is the best option. Braids looks really hot and trendy with a quirky printed top or a dress which has sequins. Try out from a range of gorgeous variations such as a Fishtail, Dutch, French, and a four-strand. If you are going for an elaborate affair and planning to wear something more festive (for instance- a designer evening gown), then wear your hair in a braided bun. It looks romantic as well as bohemian. Besides, a braid is capable of adding an effortless cool-chic element to even a simple chignon.Celebrate Valentines 04Here is a top tips: If at any point you feel that the hairstyle looks rather simple, accessorize the same with embellished hair ornaments such as mini flowers, beads, jewels and Swarovski hair pins/combs. 



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