Top 6 everyday eye makeup ideas for beginners

by Richa Sharma

Take a look at some of the most amazing everyday eye makeup ideas for beginners!

I simply adore smokey eyes. But there was a time, when I used to dread doing my eye makeup, and I had ended up looking like a black eyed raccoon on more occasions than one. So I decided to stick to simple eye makeup and learnt some tips and tricks from some of my friends and the results were nothing less than spectacular. So sharing some of those ideas with you as well. Try them out and make your peepers pop.everyday eye makeup ideas 01

1. Thickly kohled eyes: Kajal is the simplest and by far my favorite makeup product to make my eyes look heavenly. Just a single stroke and I’m sorted. So make continuous small strokes close to your waterline and instantly lift up your tired looking eyes. So whenever in a rush, and want to give yourself a quick face-lift, kajal is your go to product.

2. Tight-line your eyesReady to go the extra mile? Try tight-lining your upper lash-line to add definition to your eyes and make them look more intense. Just pull up your eyelid with a finger, and start lining the insides of the upper lash line with small careful strokes of a kajal stick. Finish off with lining your waterline as well and you’re done.everyday eye makeup ideas 02

3. EyelinerYet another eye makeup product that can do wonders to your look is the eyeliner. Now whether you choose a liquid, gel or pencil one is totally up to your discretion. Besides there are so many styles to choose from. But for everyday wear we recommend you stick to the classic eyeliner style, which is a thin line close to your upper lash line. End it with a slight upward flick towards the outer corner to give your eyes that extra dose of oomph.everyday eye makeup ideas 03

4. Earthy eye shadowWho doesn’t like the sultry smokey eyes? But smokey eye makeup is not for everyday wear. Besides, not everyone can master the art of doing smokey eye makeup. So for starters, opt for a matte eye shadow in earthy shades like beiges and browns to fill in your lids till your natural crease. This look is simple to do and is more wearable.everyday eye makeup ideas 04

5. Fluttery lashesMost people tend to neglect this aspect of their eye makeup. But believe you me, mascara can act like a magic wand for your eyes, opening them up and giving them an illusion of being bigger than they actually are. So choose from a variety of them available in the market to give your lashes the effect of your choice, be it curling, lengthening or voluminizing. Don’t forget to apply a coat or two on your lower lashes as well.everyday eye makeup ideas 05

6. Graphic eyeliner styles in neon colors: So you’re the fun types, and a black eyeliner is too boring for you? Then try the wing tipped eyeliner in cornflower blue or teal green. So, for a wing tip style, apply liner starting from the inner to the outer edges of your upper lash line. Now carefully draw a line at 45 degrees starting at the outer corner. Now draw a second line starting from the inner corner extending all the way to meet the first line that you drew. Now fill in color between these two lines to make a perfect wing tip. Also apply a tad bit of it onto your lower lash line and smudge it with a q tip to make your eyes look all the more dramatic.everyday eye makeup ideas 06






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