Top 5 radical hair colouring ideas and trends of 2016

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Looking for a radical change in your overall look? Then opt for these trendy hair colouring ideas and have a rocking 2016

The easiest way to change your look completely is a new haircut or a surprisingly bold hair color. Changing your hair color can be a great way to achieve a whole new look or even just a brush up from drab to dramatic. From cool to sophisticated and even futuristic, here are a few trends that promise to rock 2016.Hair colouring ideas 01

1. Dip Dye: Dip dye will be summer 2016’s hair hash tag. An easy to do at home technique, this is exactly as it sounds. The hair ends are dipped into a different color from its base. Popular colors seem to be pastels, dark purples and black, and even hot fluorescent shades that glow in the dark.Hair colouring ideas 02

2. Blue Tints: This idea is perfect for those who want to try a goth look but aren’t brave enough to go full on. This style has a bit of history too. In 1913–1914, just before World War I, there was a trend of brightly dyed hair in exotic shades such as blue, violet or emerald. This started in Paris and then spread to other cities such as London. So the trend is not entirely punk, you see. All-black strands are infused with very fine pieces of steel blue to give a much stronger cast of tone to the hair. The best thing about these colors is you can have any shade variation (pastel, vibrant, or extreme) and your hair will still look on point. Hair colouring ideas 03

Hair colouring ideas 043. Ronze: Ronze is a mixture of copper red and bronze brown, it’s beautiful on those with warmer complexions and olive tones. This made-for-redheads is all the rage internationally.Hair colouring ideas 05

4. Rainbow Hair: Who says you have to stop at one or two colors? Get the rainbow on your head with multicolored strands, if you are brave enough. The color mixing needs to be done carefully (read professionally). Do make sure to choose colors that look harmonious and balanced. You should not have a neon green amidst powder blues. If you are hesitant, get a few streaks instead of coloring all the hair.Hair colouring ideas 06

Hair colouring ideas 085. Opal: Opal hair is the lighter version of the rainbow haired look. It is a blend of pearly colors – light pinks, blues, purples or greens – but on the paler side – not bright. The opal hair technique mimics the gemstone’s colorful hues. The dyeing process does not involve just one color but it is  different colors from root to end and those different colors sit on top of other colors.




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