20 Funky French nail art designs of 2016

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

French nail art can be elegant and funky too! Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing French nail art designs of this year!

For a chic and elegant look, most of us opt for a typical French manicure which includes a clear base coat with white tips. Besides, the classic French manicure is our top pick especially around summer time. The neat, polished look is one of the reasons why French manicure is the preferred style for most of the women. Having said that, a lot of variations can be tried out with a standard French manicure. That’s right, today we are focusing on nail art designs inspired by French nails. And the best part is that you can do these designs at home. So, get ready as we show you best of the best, funky and off-beat French nail tips popping with a crescent of colorful, sparkly or solid (not white for sure) nail polish colors.French nail art 01

Take a look at 5 broad categories of French nail art designs:

1. Silver and Golden French Nail Art: The best thing about silver and golden French nail art design is that it is doable yourself. I mean it is so easy to do at home that you can’t get this look wrong ever! Just a little practice and you can have a professional looking French nail art design done on your fingernails. Besides, these nail art designs are versatile too. They can be worn to work, after-work parties, girls night out, weddings, and date nights. Depending on the occasion, you can either go for a subtle nail art design with a matte golden or silver base coat and tips painted in a darker hue/shade or you can also opt for a glossy metallic shade for a base coat and a matching gold or silver (broad or thin) tips for an ultimate sparkly-festive look! Accessorize your hands, fingers with junky-chunky jewelry, such as bangles, rings or a bracelet in oxidized finish.French nail art 02

2. Bow French Nail Art: Extremely girly! This nail art design can take you back to the lovely 60s and 70s, when women flaunted their bow back blouses and hair accessories. Bow French nail art is among the most popular styles to flaunt on girls night out, prom nights and kitty parties. Go for nude, cream, pink or beige base coat which could then be tipped with a pure white polish and a black or blue bow.The design looks simple, cute and effortless. Team it up with a short dress in a solid hue or shade. Don’t forget to put on a pair of sexy pumps and a cross-body bag for a chic school-girl look.French nail art 03

3. Glitter French Nail Art: Can’t get enough of gold shimmer, silver dust or colorful sparkles? Then this French nail art is so for you! It is an ideal nail art design to sport during the great Indian festival season, weddings or New Year’s Eve. You can go in for a combination of nude, red, black or navy blue base coat followed by golden or silver fingernail tips. French nail art 04

4. Rainbow French Nail Art: Colorful, vibrant and versatile nail art design can be sported with a short black dress as well as a Satya Paul’s printed saree. If you are feeling really funky, go for neons. But, if you are an office-going girl who hasn’t got much time to put on a nail art design on a weekend and then remove it before you resume work on a crazy Monday, then a hint of rainbow by giving a french manicure a little more personality is all you need all round the week.French nail art 05

5. Solid Color French Nail Art: The easiest from the lot and a twisted version of a typical French manicure. The clear base coat gets replaced with a solid shade and a white tip also pretty much gets exchanged with another solid nail polish color. The hard part though is applying the streak on the tips of your fingernails. As a beginner your strokes might not be perfect straight lines. They may look rugged and not smooth at all. Zuri suggests you to apply a scotch tape to avoid making curvy strokes. Just make sure that your base coat is completely dry before painting the tips. The solid colored French nail art can just not go wrong. You can match it with your outfit or themed makeup color. French nail art 06

So, have fun with these beautiful French nail art designs. Look stunning ,elegant, funky, crazy- all at the same time with these versatile nail art styles 🙂




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