A guide to V Day beauty don’ts

by Richa Sharma

This V Day, don’t go overboard with your looks. Here is your guide to all that you must avoid in order to look just the best!

Valentine’s Day is just a few days from now and love is in the air. I’m sure each one of you is all set with your outfit, makeup, accessories sorted and why not who doesn’t want to look good on this day and make her man go gaga over her. But there are certain things, a lot of women tend to neglect and believe you me, they can certainly put off your special one and ruin your date. But don’t fret, we’ve got you 5 beauty don’ts that are an absolute no no on Valentine’s Day and should be avoided at all costs. So lets take a look.v day beauty 01

1. Chapped lipsChapped lips, by far is the biggest no no on Valentine’s Day. This is the last thing your man expects from you and can be a major turn off. So make sure you exfoliate your lips to get rid of the dry dead skin and make regular use of petroleum jelly or Shea butter for soft and supple lips. Now put on a bold and bright color on your lips and voila you’re ready with your all seductive pout. And because it’s Valentine’s Day, it only makes sense that you go for a long stay, transfer resist lipstick.

2. Chipped nailsAnother don’t for Valentine’s Day would be chipped nails with uneven nails and nail paint coming off. In fact we recommend you go for a nail spa and give some Valentine’s special nail art designs a try. Who knows your man might pop the question and you might have a rock sitting on your ring finger this Valentine’s. So don’t let your nails play a spoiled sport and do take care of this aspect.v day beauty 02

3. Don’t go overboard with red: Another mistake we all tend to make is going overboard with the color red. Agreed, red color is almost sacred to Valentine’s Day, but wearing red from head to toe is a major fashion faux pas. We recommend you stick to the classic red pout, or if you’re keen on wearing a red dress, then opt for pale lips.v day beauty 03

4. Get rid of unwanted body hair: Unwanted hair whether on your face or body look gross and are a big turnoff. Nothing can scare off a guy faster than hairy legs, armpits or facial hair. So make sure you wax any unwanted hair off your body a day or two before Valentine’s Day.v day beauty 04

5. Don’t forget to dab on a sexy fragrance: Last but definitely not the least, spritz a sexy fragrance and rule out any chance of body odor that can again tick off and peeve your man. Drive your man crazy by dabbing on your favorite perfume. Spraying it on your pulse points like the inner wrist, base of the throat and behind the ear lobes will make it last longer.v day beauty 05

Do take care of these small but really important beauty don’ts and rest assured your man will fall head over heels for you this Valentine’s.



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