10 Modern ways to accessorize your hair for V Day

by Mansi Kohli

DIY or buy them – accessorize your hair in a modern way this V Day!

With V Day just around the corner, there would be excitement, love, romance, anticipation and jitters in the air, in equal measure. While most of us ladies would want our men to be well-dressed for the dinner date or the dance sagas that follow, we would want to take time to dress up right. From shoes to clothes, makeup to hair, we need to be perfect- not only for him but for ourselves too. If you have decided on your hairdo for the evening or are still planning how to wear your hair; the choices are plenty to choose from. However, style the hairdo right- chic accessories with a modern touch should be the crowning glory effect on your hair to flaunt!V Day 01

1. The Circular Barrette: For V Day celebrations and should you be working all day long with no time in hand to doll up for the evening, let your hair loose and flowy. Instead of the same boring swept back hairdo, secured with traditional bobby pins- the circular barrette – a circular hair clip brings into the look a modern touch. Perfect for work and party time moments, when you really don’t have the time to have an elaborate hairdo, and yet would want to look chic!V Day 022. The Iridescent Touch: For PYTs and women that love their glam quotient being flaunted on elegant and graceful notes, and should you be one of them with a penchant for topknots, low buns and side buns, you could opt for the gleaming iridescent mother-of-pearl hair clutch, to secure the bun with. The shimmering clutch with a rainbow-ish touch and sheen would be a minimalistic affair no doubt, but speaks volumes of your regal style.V Day 033. Bohemian Hair Wraps: The new-age woman isn’t afraid to experiment and wear her style. From clothes to shoes, makeup to hairstyles and hair accessories too- she loves a pop of color everywhere. Keeping that in mind, may we present the modern hippie hair wrap clip – the perfect dreadlock extension- so bohemian and unique, it would match just about any ensemble or look you wear for the evening.V Day 044. Scissor Pins: Cute, sassy, quirky and very vivacious- a pair of scissor pins the secure the chignon, a topknot, a low bun or maybe a side-swept parted hairdo would be an ideal way to complete V Day look. Available in various shades of metallic touches, you could go bronze on bronze, silver on silver, gold on gold or mix and match too!V Day 055. Raw Quartz Crystal Hair CombThey say quartz crystals bring in good vibrations and energy, when placed on or near someone. This time though you could wear it- the Raw Quartz Crystal Hair Comb would be placed neat on cascading hair or maybe on a low messy bun’s fringe! Bring in good vibrations for V Day when taking him out to dinner!V Day 066. Key Steampunk Hair AccessoriesPlanning on showing off your quirky wild side with a minimal touch? This time though you can with the key steampunk hair accessories, where you have the keys to his heart, soul and mind, nestled safe in your hair.V Day 077. Floating Stars HeadbandBe the star in his eyes, with a flash of stars dancing before his eyes. The floating stars headband is one of the cutest and a modern way to be a star in your man’s eyes; even the night sky would want your radiance up there under the romantic moonlit night!V Day 088. Batman Hair Bow: Wearing a cape at the V Day celebrations and this time on dark monochromatic tones? Here’s a sassy fashion hair accessory that would complete the look for the party. The Batman Hair Bow, shaped unique and perfect that contours the hair, brings in the Bruce Wayne flare to your personality!V Day 09

9. Bohemian Tribal Dreams: If you did watch the song ‘Aaj mood ishqaholic hai’ starring Sonakshi Sinha (Bollywood diva), you would have noticed her wearing a bohemian Aztec feather lace hanging head band. The same tribal dream can be best paired with your Indo-Western wear too!V Day 1010. The Sinful SnakeIdeally a snake wouldn’t be seen as a good omen in many cultures, but we Indians respect and revere the reptile for its divine prowess and powers. A little sassy touch this V Day can add spice to the evening date with him- you should wear this clip to grab his attention more.V Day 11

Here were ten chic and very modern hair accessories to style up your hair with this V Day. Do let us know your thoughts on the same!




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