10 Best Valentine’s Day beauty ideas

by Neha Paranjpe

This Valentine’s Day, get inspired by our list of beauty ideas for a stunning look!

With Valentine’s day just a few days away, you want to ensure you look your absolute best. Prep yourself to get that beautiful glow, rosy cheeks and red stained lips to complement your stunning outfit. So whether you are going for a romantic candle-lit dinner date or a rocking party with your best friends, use these tips to look flawless on the big day.Valentine's Day Beauty Ideas 01

1. Brighten up your skinIt is important that your skin is at its best quality on Valentine’s Day to hold all the makeup you plan to apply. Exfoliate with a facial scrub the day before to ensure soft, supple and baby smooth skin without any dark patches or dead-skin cell build up that may make you look dull.Valentine's Day Beauty Ideas 02

2. Smoothen the lipsYou don’t want to have dry and cracked lips, particularly on Valentine’s Day. Prepare a mixture of sugar, olive oil, lemon and honey and use it as a DIY lip scrub. Do this for one or two days, once daily. After exfoliating the lips, apply a moisturizing lip balm and then you can apply the lipstick as desired.Valentine's Day Beauty Ideas 03

3. Silken shave: If you are wearing a gorgeous dress for Valentine’s Day and you chose to shave your legs for the occasion, we suggest you opt for conditioner over soap or shaving gel in the shower. Slather the conditioner all over your legs after soaking in warm water for a few minutes. This will soften the hair and open up the pores making it easier to shave and ensuring the smoothest legs after.Valentine's Day Beauty Ideas 04

4. Get a glow: To give your skin a glow with your makeup, just apply some liquid highlighter under your foundation. This creates a shimmery effect under the foundation and makes your skin look dewy and fresh and gives it a natural looking glow.Valentine's Day Beauty Ideas 05

5. Flushed cheeks: Valentine’s Day is the time you should definitely opt for some blush to give you that ‘beautifully flushed cheeks’ look. Opt for a creamy formula as this will look more natural and will also make the skin look dewy. If you are heading out for a candle lit dinner, opt for a blush that is one shade darker than what you wear every day. It is more dramatic and ideal for a place with dim lighting.Valentine's Day Beauty Ideas 066. Lift your eyesIf you have had a long week and it is showing on your eyes, opt for a plum colored eye liner. This has blue undertones which liven up the whites in your eyes and make them pop thus helping you look fresh and wide awake. Black liner only highlights and amplifies the dark circles and bags.Valentine's Day Beauty Ideas 07

7. Step away from hairspray: On the most romantic night of the year, you don’t want your hair to feel hard and sticky if someone may be running their hands through your locks. Set aside the hairspray and use a finishing cream or hair serum instead. You will thank us at the end of the night.Valentine's Day Beauty Ideas 08

8. Luscious lashesThe lashes are what frame your eyes and make them look big and beautiful. Keep your eye makeup minimal and instead load up on the mascara to ensure that his eyes never leave yours throughout the night.Valentine's Day Beauty Ideas 09

9. Scents and smells: Fragrance is crucial, particularly on a romantic date. Apply some petroleum jelly to your pulse points such as wrist, behind the ear, crease of the elbow, behind your knees and at the neck. Now spray your perfume at these points and you will smell delightful all night long.Valentine's Day Beauty Ideas 09

10. MoisturizeYou don’t want to feel uncomfortable because of dry skin on a cold night. Apply moisturizer generously particularly on your hands, arm, legs and feet, or any other part that is exposed.Valentine's Day Beauty Ideas 11

Now that you are all set, have a wonderfully romantic and beautiful Valentine’s Day!



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