17 Lovely Arabic mehndi designs for a modern bride

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Check out 17 outstanding Arabic mehndi designs for a bride who is looking for simplicity and elegance!

We are in the last leg of the great Indian wedding season. Well! For most of us the wedding season won’t arrive (again) before this year’s extreme summers. And so we thought of sharing best of the best mehndi designs with you. Even though, most of the brides prefer traditional motifs with Dulha (groom) and Dulhan (bride) faces and figurines on their hands, the trend of sporting neat Arabic mehndi is also picking up. Arabic mehndi designs 53Arabic mehndi design is known for it’s neatness, elegance, scattered patterns, free flowing designs and there is also a lot of scope for decorating it with additives. A day to two days prior to the wedding day, brides sit in a traditional mehndi ceremony, and the henna paste is applied on their hands, feet, often elbows and legs too! Bride’s family, friends and relatives also participate in this ritual. However, a bride’s mehndi is the main attraction. It is also meant to be more elaborate. Afterall, she has to look pretty, dolled up and elegant for her wedding day.Arabic mehndi designs 54Some of the most popular mehndi designs include Indian (Rajasthani and Marwari), African, Pakistani, and Arabic designs. They all are unique in their own ways and styles. But the one mehndi design that is gaining popularity in Indian and abroad is the simple yet elegant Arabic mehndi. 

So all you brides-to-be, if these are some of the characteristics that you like to flaunt on your hands and feet, then go for Arabic design mehndi on your wedding day:

1. Free flowing designs: Arabic mehndi is known for its flowing designs. The motifs such as leaves, vines, and flowers usually start from the tip of the finger and stretches down to the wrist. 

2. Less intricate designs: Arabic mehndi is known to be less elaborate and less intricate. A lot of space is left in-between the motifs to give a neat look. 

3. Scattered designsArabic mehndi is known to have designs that are extended with vines and dots resulting in a very unique as well as scattered look. 

4. Decorative designs: Arabic mehndi can be customized to a large extent. One can decorate it with colors and external additives like glitter, stickers, Swarovski crystals, etc. to make it outshine a regular mehndi design

Besides, Arabic mehndi is not just well-suited for bridal and wedding related occasion but one can pretty much sport it anytime, anywhere. To a Diwali cards party or Eid, ladies night out or a kitty party!



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