6 Stylish Jewellery Styles For A South Indian Bride

by Mansi Kohli

Must-have stylish jewellery styles for the south Indian bride!

Before you take your imagination to the gorgeous and very fashionable Deepika Padukone’s look or Alia Bhatt’s south Indian bride look in Chennai Express or Two States respectively, we would like to emphasize that there is more to the south Indian bridal touch, than just temple jewellery, jhumkas, kanchipuram sarees and fresh flowers. Brides down south- Tamil brides, Kannadiga brides, Malayali brides or brides in south Indian weddings are a stylish bevy of beauties- today we shall check out more on the must-have stylish jewellery statements they wear, and which ones make more of a mark!South Indian bride 01

1. South Indian wedding temple jewellery necklace sets:

Talking about the south Indian wedding temple jewellery necklace sets, we cannot ignore the importance of the stylish ‘mango malai’ or the mango mala. Quite a traditional south Indian bridal necklace for brides down south to wear at their wedding, the elaborate bridal piece is embedded with precious stones which bring around a pompous and a very flamboyant touch to the overall significance.South Indian bride 02

2. Guttapusalu Haram:

The Guttapusalu Haram or the pearl necklace if a must-wear for the south Indian bride, without which the significance of the event is said to be bland! Embossed in traditional designs, the beauty of this piece lies in the fact that it is adorned with clustered small pearls on an antique gold chain. Rich rubies, kundans and emeralds seem to grace the statement piece, and some of these chains are available in reversible models with stones on both sides studded deep as well.South Indian bride 03

3. Pacchi statement pieces:

Ask a true South Indian bride and she would confirm that the pacchi worked statement jewellery creations are a must-wear at the wedding for brides. What stemmed in the heart of Jaipur, today is a trend among fashionable south Indian beauties who would be tying the knot. Embellished with colored pacchi leaves, pearls and motis, glass stones too, the unique three dimensional appearance is what steals the show.South Indian bride 04

4. Kasulaperu:

Kasulaperu also known as Kasu haram is a traditional bridal piece that has coins in a row teamed into a chain- coins over coins that grace their sheen and shine on the bride’s neck. Very famously worn among brides in Kerala, Malayali brides would never want to forego this traditional touch at their wedding.South Indian bride 05

5. Kamarbandh:

Mostly in gold, but brides these days don’t mind neutral tones or kamarbandhs with chunky rhinestones and embellishments on them. Made from Swarovski, kundan, amethyst, polka or rubies, the fashionable south Indian bride wouldn’t say her look is complete without the saree belt or the kamarbandh for sure.South Indian bride 06

6. Jada billa or the hair choti:

Most south Indian brides would either have their hair tied into a sleek bun with embellishments and hair accessories on it, or would have one long braid embellished with neutral jewellery and motifs. The jada billa thus is an embellishment which a south Indian bride would have as an important stylish jewellery number to wear at her wedding.South Indian bride 07

If you do know more stylish south Indian bride jewellery, do share your knowledge and information on the same with us.



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