How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Do you have brown eyes? Learn how to do smokey eye makeup in a jiffy!

If you are one of the lucky women with gold-as-honey, or glinting as copper or melting hazel brown eyes, you can enhance them even more with a smokey eye makeup look. Brown eyes are not limited to a particular color palette the way green and blue eyes are. So any color of eye shadow can match them. Also, while the smoky look is popular among people with all eye colors, it’s easiest to pull off without looking overdone when paired with brown eyes. This is because brown eyes already have a dreamy look about them. A brown smokey eye is a great look if you want a dramatic look, without being too dark. Just make sure to prepare your face properly before applying this bold look.How to do smokey eye 01

There are essentially two main steps to do smokey eyes. Apply a black or gray cream shadow to your eyelid as it will serve as a base, and help keep the powdered shadow in place for longer. Now apply a dark shade powder over the cream all over the eyelid and with the help of a brush blend it till the crease.How to do smokey eye 02

Here are a few tips to achieve the perfect smokey look for your gorgeous brown peepers:

1. Use other dark colors besides black if you’d like. Navy blue, royal purple, and charcoal gray work well. Just make sure whatever you pick for the base is the darkest eye shadow color you plan on using.How to do smokey eye 03

2. You can also use an eyeliner pencil for the base instead. Outline your lid with the pencil and smudge it across your entire eyelid with a brush or smudging tool.

3. If you’re light complexioned and don’t feel comfortable in a dark look, you can soften it up a bit by using deep brown eye pencil and smudging it slightly instead of using a black eyeliner.How to do smokey eye 04

4. If you have small eyes, black on the waterline can make the eyes appear even smaller, so to avoid this, make sure the eye shadow on your bottom lash line is extra smokey and extended out and apply a good coat of mascara to the bottom lashes. Adding a flesh toned, ivory or brown liner to your waterline is also an option to open up the eyes.How to do smokey eye 05

5. Make small eyes appear larger by drawing lines at the outer corners of your lids and up toward the brow bone. Smudge these lines using a make up sponge.

6. Make wide-set eyes look closer together by applying the majority of the color toward your nose.How to do smokey eye 06

7. Blend your favorite navy liner along your lash line for a blue smokey effect.

8. Give yourself a flawless cat-eye by drawing dots with an eye pencil, then connect them with liquid liner.How to do smokey eye 07

If you have trouble blending any hard lines, diffuse them with a translucent powder and tiny eye shadow brush.

Don’t forget to add a dash of shimmer or pearl eye shadow to your brow bone.How to do smokey eye 08




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