A Rendezvous With Mumbai Based Makeup Artist Varsha Gidwani

Here is yet another talented makeup artist, this time from Mumbai. Meet Varsha Gidwani, an extremely hardworking and super talented face behind popular fashion weeks, celebrities and gorgeous brides!

Varsha Gidwani, a Mumbai based makeup artist with over 7 years of diverse experience doing makeup for models who walk on the ramps of famous fashion weeks talks to Zuri. Read on to know her story about calendar shoots, brides and destination weddings.Makeup artist Varsha Gidwani 01

1. What is a day in the life of Varsha like?

Each day is very different. The way it starts and how it ends is depended on what I am busy doing that day. It could be dressing up a bride, or busy with a shoot or probably a meeting. If not working, I mostly spend my day making calls and sending out emails to clients. One thing that remains constant is that I workout everyday and cook my own meals in order to stick to a healthy diet.Makeup artist Varsha Gidwani 02

2. Have you always been a makeup artist? Did you have another career(s) before becoming a makeup artist?

Yes! I have worked in a BPO, in the hotel industry and also managed a makeover studio, though all these were short lived careers of a teenage girl 🙂 Makeup artist Varsha Gidwani 03

3. What is the difference between makeup for TV/shoot and bridal?

Shoots and television makeup is purely conceptual. Since the shoots go on for long hours, the constant touch-ups is a must. For bridal makeup, we enhance their features and make them look their best. For me – the difference is the happiness of my clients after we are done with the makeup. Makeup artist Varsha Gidwani 04

4. Tell us a bit about your most memorable experience while working for a celebrity/client?

Every time I shoot with Kiara Advani (actress) she makes me feel like a star on set. She goes around telling people (on the set) about my personal accomplishments and that makes me feel extremely loved. With brides also it’s special. Whenever I am done with their makeup and they turn towards the mirror, and the expression says it all. It’s rewarding! In fact, one of my brides at the time of making a toast during her wedding, thanked me with the kindest words of appreciation. She called me on the stage and introduced me to her entire wedding group :)Makeup artist Varsha Gidwani 05

5. How well do you think you have been able to strike a balance between your work life and personal life?

As a freelancer, we have the liberty to choose how and when to work, though due to prior commitments it does get difficult to be everywhere. So, we have to give up on a lot of social commitments during the wedding season time, but the way I am, I try to squeeze everything in my schedule so that I can be a part of my friends and families happiness. 

6. What do you think about the Indian beauty industry and how has it changed over a period of time?

It has changed for the better. There is a lot more awareness about personal grooming and people want to look presentable all the time!Makeup artist Varsha Gidwani 09

7. How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

I can do it all! However, according to my brides, I am best at Pakistani and Arabian makeup looks. Rather, I would just like to believe that my signature look is to not give them all the exact same makeup look. It should be unique for each one of them. Every time I try to bring out something new.Makeup artist Varsha Gidwani 10

8. What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?

They try to change their skin color in a quest of fairness with foundation/concealers. The bargain’s end is looking darker than their actual skin tone. It’s because foundation and concealer oxidizes their skin. Makeup artist Varsha Gidwani 11

9. Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your career?

Sonic Sarwate has played the biggest role in my life as a mentor and a trainer (during my days working with M.A.C cosmetics). Every time I would see him and Mickey Contractor – I would just want to impress them and tried so hard to up my skills! Makeup artist Varsha Gidwani 12

10 .What advice would you like to give to someone who is aspiring to be a makeup artist?

Practice and perfect your skill. The more you practice this art- the better you get at it!

To get in touch with Varsha Gidwani, please send an email at varshagj@gmail.com and don’t forget to visit her facebook page!

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