How To Look Gorgeous From Day To Evening Using Minimal Makeup

by Mansi Kohli

Gorgeous transformations in five easy ways from day to evening makeup!

Getting to work and then meeting him for the dinner date later, is on the cards. He is a man who loves you just as you are, and doesn’t appreciate that you try too hard to impress him. This is why a transformation from the work to party look is a must to use this spring season, and we are here to help you with the same. A mini tutorial from day to evening using minimal makeup explained.Evening makeup 01

1. C T M P: CTMP or cleaning, toning, moisturizing and protection of the skin are a must, even when going out in the evening. This is the basic that you could start with for day to evening using minimal makeup. Use a mild cleansing milk to clean the face with a toner for the skin or an astringent, follow it up with a dab of moisturizing lotion (as per your skin type) and then go ahead and use a cream with minimum SPF 15 to it. This would set the skin in motion for the glow to come through.Evening makeup 02

2. The skin tone needs to be even: With the daily dirt, grime and pollution we face, you would need to take a good look post the CTMP routine as to the amount of coverage you should give to your skin. A tinted moisturizer should be used if you have skin sans the flaws, red spots, or age spots or pigmentation too. If you do have flaws, you could use a concealer. Use a flat brush to dab on a little yellow or orange concealer to cover the flaws and then layer up with foundation (hue closest to your skin). With the help of a sponge (damp sponge) dab the face and blend the concealer with the foundation into the skin.Evening makeup 03

3. How to get that natural glow: While you are done with the concealing, we would look at subtle shimmers and highlights to enhance the natural glow. The brow bone  should be highlighted with a shade one notch lower to that of your skin tone. For example- white for fair skin, creamy pastels for medium skin and yellows for dark to ebony skin hues. Use an angular brush to highlight the brow bone, and the corners of your eyes for the glowing effect.Evening makeup 04

4. A pop of colorOnce again, you want the look to be minimal and sexy, glowing too, which is why we would want you to use peach or baby pinks for the eyes, the cheeks and the lips. Two strokes on the crease of the eyes, blended into the highlighted region. One stroke for the lips, over which we shall use a little shimmering pink eye shadow and gloss – blend it well to make the lips pouty. And for the cheekbones, we shall use two strokes of peach or pink, from the dimple region to the temple zone. Creamy pinks or peaches should be used for the natural effect, since the powders make it look shabby!Evening makeup 05

5. A touch of mist: Instead of using translucent powder, we would ask you to invest in a makeup fixer. If you don’t have that, worry not. You can use water in a spray bottle to mist the face with. Spray just once and from arms length. Wait and let the moisture set in!Evening makeup 06

Do let us know how you liked this post on transforming from day to evening using minimal makeup, and what ideas you have for the same- we love hearing from you!




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