20 Best Toenail Art Designs To Sport This Season

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Take a look at best of the best toenail art designs for an ultimate summer stylish look!

Who says nail art is only meant to be worn on hands? So what if the toenails are more susceptible to wear and tear? It doesn’t mean that we should always paint them in single colored nail polish! That’s why Zuri has handpicked 20 amazing toenail art designs. This season, don’t just sport a stylish design on your hands’ fingernails, but also give your toenails a stunning makeover.

Summer is all about spending more time on manicures and pedicures. After all, flip-flops, open ended high heels, or open flats and sleeveless tops are an ultimate look for the season. This means that we have to also make sure that our hands and feet are clean. While most of us take extra good care of our hands, trim our nails and paint them in latest colors or nail art designs, our feet often get ignored. So, we recommend, this summer season, groom your toenails well, pamper the feet, apply a good foot-moisturizer at night to keep cracked heels at bay and soon after a pedicure, try from our range of highly recommended nail art designs for your toenails!Toenail art 02

Before we get started on the nail art designs, here are a few things that you must keep in mind:

1. Toenail art tends to get chipped faster. Hence, it’s important to take care of minor things such as how to slip on/off shoes

2. Regularly maintain and moisturize your toenails

3. Match your toenail art with the style and color of your footwear chosen to be worn. A green colored nail art theme with golden shimmer is bound to look weird when worn with a burgundy colored footwear that has silver tassels

4. Big toenail should be the hero of the canvas. Let the toe thumb be the feature nail and go for simpler designs on the remaining fingernails

Toenail art 03

Go all out with your creativity and add a few young, exuberant nail polishes to your vanity kit. Blow in some glitter, glow, shimmer on the floral, stripes, polka dots. Go crazy with zig-zag patterns, alternate them with heart shaped motifs, animal prints and your favorite toon characters- if that’s your style! Even a red or black caviar nail art for a night out (teamed up with silver or golden pumps) can just transform your overall look.

So, this summer, let the happy feet add a lot of positivity to your life 🙂




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