Beauty Poll #55 – Spring special makeup vibe

Spring is here and so we thought it’s best to check with you on your makeup vibe through this fun quiz! So, are you ready? Get set and go..Poll Tuesdays


If 3 or more A(s): What matters to you is to look fresh and presentable! You neither go overboard, nor do you underestimate your beauty skills. The deal with you is that you know exactly how to turn a bad day into a fab day. You can never ever run out of a simple tinted lip gloss, bronzer, and a hair styling gel. Now! That’s enough for a 10 minute flawless-look!

If 3 ore more B(s): You are so not afraid to try more daring beauty trends! Experimental and a lover of good looks, you’d switch up your look on regular basis. Besides, you never think it’s uncool to try out things that could be unusual! Oscillating between hot smokey eyes and a bold red pout, you love timeless classic look as much as the sizzling hot sexy one. Now, that’s the magic of your beauty vibe <3

If 3 or more C(s): Makeup isn’t exactly that important to you, but you do swear by a couple of products which you think are good enough to accentuate your facial features. A bohemian, unconventional you aren’t much into what’s in fashion! Keep up the good work with your offbeat style!

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