Beauty Poll #56 – Summer Hairstyle

This summer sport an awesome hairstyle! But, which one? Just answer these 5 fun questions to know the perfect hair look for yourself <3

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3 or more A(s): Your perfect hairstyle would be nice straight one. Since your style is basic and straight hair is basic so this fits you really well. If looking for a bit of a color to add to your otherwise basic hairstyle, then it has to be a few streaks of blonde or ginger color. If the texture of your hair is wavy or curly, then you can do straightening at home (using home remedies) or occasionally make use of the hair iron. Also you could pair a cute beanie or headband with the poker straight hair look.

3 or more B(s): Side cut is so fr the bold lady! You would look smashing hot with a side cut, which will also accentuate your nice bold soul (personality). Colors that would work with this certain style are, electric blue, brown, strawberry blond, red, pink, purple..the list is endless… 

3 or more C(s): Bob cut would work well for a bohemian-yet-vintage-yet-creative girl like you. Bobs can be eccentric and classy at the same time, they show off your lady-like side too. Colors that work well with this style are blonde, brown, burgundy, and nothing else works well with bobs, because this style requires more natural hair colors than others. Team up the look with a floral headband, and a lady-like hat of your choice as long as it compliments your look.

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