18 Sizzling hot bob hairstyles to sport this summer

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Presenting to you best of the best 18 sizzling hot bob hairstyles to sport this summer!

This summer, give your hair a chic makeover. Go bold, go quirky, go classic and vintage at the same time. Zuri has handpicked 18 best of the best bob hairstyles with side bangs, fringes and, textured tresses. Whether you already have a pixie in place or planning to make a radical change in your hair length, try from any of these top-notch and trendy bob hairstyles for an ultimate look this season.Bob hairstyles 01

1. Stacked A-line bob hairstyle: This one is the most popular from the lot. Extremely versatile and goes well with almost all face-cuts, hair strength and colors. In the stacked A-line bob, hair is layered in such away that makes the ends of each hair layer appear stacked upon others. You can sport it with elegance- wearing a traditional outfit, such as a Pakistani suit as well in style- wearing a LBD!Bob hairstyles 02

2. Graduated bob hairstyle with side fringe: Whether it is a long graduated bob or a short one, in both the cases, this hairstyle is going strong since the 70s. A few variations here and there, such as a side fringe or bangs to give the graduated bob a bit of a company – these styles are extremely popular with girls. The best part about this hairstyle is that you can customize it as per your requirement. Re-create yourself and your hair by choosing the best graduated bob hairstyle for your face cut. To add glamour to the overall look, go for a wispy stacked layer for a volume boost.Bob hairstyles 03

Bob hairstyles 043. Inverted bob curly hairstyle: Inverted bob is an ideal hairstyle for those with short curly hair. Well! The idea is to combine luscious and voluminous curls with an inverted chic bob hair. The end result is a sexy hair look. You also get a break from the otherwise plain and boring- regular curly hairdo. Besides, inverted curly bob hairstyle is way too feminine, playful and easy to style. So, ladies, this summer, do give this haircut/ hairstyle a try!Bob hairstyles 05

Bob hairstyles 064. Asymmetrical bob hairstyle: Draw your inspiration from Hollywood and Bollywood divas and this season, wear an awesome blunt asymmetrical bob which is pretty classic. However, if you are looking for an extra dose of style and glamour, then team up your asymmetrical bob haircut with sharp chops for an edgy vibe. You can also customize the look with color streaks, uneven shags, angled side, half-pixie-half-bob or a deep angled bob with a shaved side.Bob hairstyles 07Take a look at some of the finest bob hairstyles for a stylish-summer makeover!




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