Makeup and beauty hacks inspired by our B-town divas

by Mansi Kohli

Here’s the ultimate dolling up scoop- makeup and beauty hacks that B-town starlets use to look glam and chic!

If you thought the B-Town girls had a personal makeup artist around them 24 by 7, you were wrong! If that’s the case, how then do the leading ladies look so glamorous and chic at all times; even when out shopping or lazying around with friends? The answer is simple- they know a few hacks that help them with makeup, hair and skin needs, which makes them look super fabulous. If you want to use the same and apply the hacks for daily needs, here are plenty of them to choose from- we’ve unveiled the secret for you!Beauty Hacks 09

1. Eyebrows: Always fill in your brows. None of us are born with equally set brow arches or strands on the eyebrows, and not even our leading ladies too. To make the brows look perfect, tweeze after a hot shower and fill in with a pencil or an eye shadow. Deeper shades of brown are best to use.

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2. Intense eyes: Rimmed and dark kohled eyes are a must to bring intensity to those lovely eyes of yours. The pair needs some pampering with soothing vitamin E touches. If you would like to use kajal to make the eyes look big, you shouldn’t use it on the waterline. Instead of using black kajal, using nudes to browns on the lower lash line would make the eyes big and wide.

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3. Eyelashes: With a hairdryer and your eye curler on very low heat, warm the eye curler with your hair dryer and use it thereafter to gently curl the eyelashes. This is the easiest and the fastest way to curl your lashes for the va-va voom effect to come through.

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4. Glowing skin: How do you think Bollywood divas have such lovely and glowing skin, all day long? The answer or secret lies in that they use a face primer to begin with, which is waterproof.

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Beauty Hacks 145. Blended makeup: Blending is the key, and this is especially when you use foundation one tone lighter than what your skin type is to bring about the nude and natural look. Even your eye shadow, the bronzer and the concealer too needs to be blended into the skin well, for which you would need the right blending brush.

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6. Natural look: Matte is always right and that is what brings around the natural look our divas show off, during the day or the night. You too can use matte lipsticks, eye shadow and blush shades to make the face look natural and yet elegant.

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7. Foundation: Skin tone of the face and not the arm should be chosen as a spot where the foundation testing should be done. The biggest mistake we make is to use the wrist or the arm to check the foundation tone closes to our skin; our jawline would be the best place to check.

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We hope these seven hacks to learn from come in handy and they should actually.




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