20 Colorful nail art designs for Holi celebrations

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

This Holi, give your fingernails a stylish makeover with any of these 20 colorful nail art designs!

Holi- the festival of colors is around the corner and we love celebrating it! There are several reasons for it. One being that Spring is about flower blossoms, nature’s own color burst and the weather is just so great. Then, it’s also the time of the year when one says goodbye to winter season and welcomes summer with fervor. Hence, the wardrobe also gets a makeover. We gather in our lovely outfits and vibrant spirits to sing, dance and party. To add more glamour to your Spring look, Zuri brings to you 20 colorful nail art designs. Sport one of them and see the difference it brings to your festive cheer.Nail art 28

Try any of these popular nail art design trends and color your friends/ family with dry powder, colored water, water guns, water-filled balloons for fun: 

1. Random splashes of color are artful and eye-catching: Colorful nail art screams for attention and that’s exactly what we need right now. If you are planning to wear a white outfit, then go for random retro splashes of bright colors on your fingernails. You can follow a symmetrical rainbow arc or if you’re a beginner, then, even colorful floral prints can be drawn easily with the help of brushes or toothpicks. Remember, customization always helps. You can always play around with the shape of the petals and colors. If you are into achieving the perfect design, then apply 4-5 handpicked colors horizontally or vertical in thin or thick lines. Nail art 29

Nail art 302. Neon nail art for creative Holi celebrations: Since neon colors are in-vogue, why not try them out. Let’s go a little more creative with ombre theme and apply these funky and absolutely ‘in-trend’ colors to add some punk this Holi. Just one pro-tip here- avoid using too many bright colors.Nail art 31

3. Colorful water marble effect: Marble nail effect can be tricky. If you have been doing nail art for sometime, achieving a fab look using this technique can be easy. For this nail art design, right from choosing the prefect colors to dripping polish in the water and get it swirling can be a tough task. Doing your homework and prepping up way well in advance is a must! But, believe us, this one is an ideal sexy-Holi-inspired-look!Nail art 32

4. Pop of bright polka dots: Here comes one of the easiest nail art design ideas for beginners. Dots, especially polka dots look simple yet classic and you can also play around with the size and colors. Apply the base coat with a subtle color of your choice, could be pastels to represent Spring. Putting bright colored polka dots on your nails with the help of a toothpick is the easiest way to get a chic nail art design at home.Nail art 33

5. Marvelous colorful crayon look: Nail art inspired by crayons? Oh! Yes. Holi is about colors and what could be the best way to get into the mood for colors than painting your canvas not with but inspired by crayons? A pro-tip here- you can use regular nail polish if sourcing acrylic paint is a problem. Just make sure to have the brightest version of primary colors in place!Nail art 34

6. Stickers all the way: Let’s go for an embellished nail art look for Holi. If stickers isn’t your style, but bling is what you want, then opt for rhinestones, studs, rings, etc.Nail art 35

7. Leopard print gets colorfully twisted: Are you a fan of animal prints? Then this colorful one is apt for you. Besides, it looks amazing too, especially if it is the leopard print. Draw the prints with a black nail polish (using a toothpick) on all the fingernails. You can draw these with the help of fine nail art brush. The only twist is that there are different colors for each fingernail!Nail art 36

In case, none of the above caught your fancy, then you can also opt for geometrical designs, 5-different-colors-on-fingernails-approach, monochrome French tips on colorful fingernails, or colorful caviar nail art design. Since, it might not be easy to step out and pay a visit to a nail art salon (due to all the hullabaloo of the festival), therefore, we recommend you choose an easy-to-do-nail art and try it at home. In case, you already are a pro at it, Zuri recommends trying caviar nail art. This one is sizzling hot these days!

So, peeps, get ready to celebrate Holi in style 🙂


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