Do’s and don’ts of makeup at workplace

by Richa Sharma

Never paid much attention to the kind of makeup you should wear to your workplace? Then, we suggest you read this do’s and don’ts list!

Sure, we all love getting ready for our workplace every morning. It not only adds to the confidence and makes us look presentable, but also exudes a certain feel good factor. So, choosing the right dress, picking up matching accessories and putting up a bit of makeup is an essential part of our daily regimen before we leave for office. But the makeup part can be slightly tricky. It’s difficult to make out that how much is too much. Of course none of us wants to end up looking like a Christmas tree. So today Zuri brings to you the do’s and don’ts of makeup at work at work place 01


1. Minimal foundation or BB cream: The last thing you want is a cakey looking face, especially during day time under those unflattering fluorescent lights. So opt for a minimal base of foundation. Or better still pick up a BB cream which is a multi tasker of sorts, to give your face an even complexion, fill in the fine lines and also provide SPF protection which is an absolute must, especially if you have to venture out for a field job.

2. Nude lipstick: A nude lipstick in shades of light pink or coral or maybe even a beige is a safe bet for office wear. It gives your lips a good cover up, not looking too harsh or in your face at the same at work place 02

3. Kajal: Makeup or no makeup, kajal is one beauty product you simply can’t do without. Just a single stroke is good to perk up your dull, tired looking eyes. So when in a rush, kajal and gloss should be your go to makeup for at work place 03

4. Brown eyelinerMany women swear by the eyeliner and can’t imagine stepping out without having one on their eye lids. But we would recommend a brown eyeliner instead of the harsh black. Brown works brilliantly during the day and gives your eyes a much softer at work place 04

5. Dewy complexion: Now dewy complexion is a rage these days. So you could highlight the high points of your face like the brow bones, bridge of the nose, cheek bones with a liquid highlighter. But be wary of going overboard. Remember the trick is to make your face look dewy and not at work place 05


1. Fake eyelashesFake eyelashes is an absolute no no for office wear. Firstly you need to put in an extra 15 minutes in the morning to get the false eyelashes in place. And what if you have a malfunction with the falsies coming off, right in the middle of a meeting. So save yourself the embarrassment and opt for a lengthening mascara at work place 06

2. Statement lipsWe agree statement lips look really hot, but we recommend, you save it for an outing on the weekend or a formal do. Wearing a bold pout to office can be too much of a distraction for your colleagues during those odd presentations and not to mention those unsightly lipstick stains on the coffee at work place 07

3. Smokey eye makeup: Again smokey eyes are best left for the weekend and should be avoided for office wear. But if you’re too keen on using an eye shadow, go for earthy shades in beiges and browns. Shimmery, glittery, bright eyes are an absolute no at work place 08

So, be cautious of going overboard with your makeup. Try keeping it minimal and subtle, so it lifts up your face without looking too flashy at the same time.



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