9 Gorgeous braided hairstyles for a chic look

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

This summer, look ultra-chic with these 9 hot braided hairstyles!

Your hunt for the perfect hairstyle comes to an end. We are talking about braided hairstyles this time. They are not just neat, but pretty cool too. Whether you want a casual-messy look or a formal-party look, braids are in fashion this year, so why not sport them in style? This year’s sexiest hair-trend for women with short, medium as well as long-length hair and an amazing answer to the upcoming summer heat is braids. So, ladies, check out these 9 amazing braided hairstyles for a cool summery you!Braided hairstyles 01

1. Crown braids: One of the most polished hairstyles for an evening-vintage party look, a crown braid is ideal for women with medium-length to long hair. It looks simply amazing with a collared neck. Whether it’s a saree or a gown, this braided hairstyle can be customized as per the occasion, outfit and your face-cut. One of the most common crown braids is the one in which you separate hair into two low ponytails on each side. Braid both the sections and tie them up separately. Now pull one braid like a crown, over your head and secure it with bobby pins. Repeat the same on the opposite side, positioning the second braid behind the first one and there you go!

2. Side braids: We think this evergreen hairstyle is not just cute-looking but also quite versatile. If you have medium-length hair, then the best part about this braid is how gracefully it sits on the shoulder. You can opt for a messy, romantic, or a bohemian theme with minor tweaks here and there.Braided hairstyles 02

3. Braided updos: If you are bored of a regular, classic or ballerina bun then here is how you can spice it up. Go for a sleek, chic look with a braided updo. Whether you are hitting the gym or getting ready for a friend’s wedding and all you need is to keep your hair out of your face, then this is it! Take your bun up a notch with this amazing braided hairstyle.
Braided hairstyles 03

4. Pigtails: Are we going back to school? No, but we are definitely adding a lot of glamour to our overall look. And just in case if you are wondering how not to look like Kim Kardashian, then worry not! There are at least 10 ways to wear this quirky braided hairstyle. Rock your way to this year’s summer with a classic pigtail and sport it with a floral dress or denims.Braided hairstyles 04

5. Side French braid bun: This braided hairstyle looks simply stunning on long, textured hair. Besides, it is pretty easy to do as well. Again, just like a few other braided hairstyles, this too can be customized. You can make a loose braid for a casual look or gently pull the braid apart with your fingers for a bohemian look.Braided hairstyles 05

6. Fishtail: This braided hairstyle rocks with a slept-in look, so pull out strands for a more textured look. But, this is only if you are not in the mood for a classic, innocent fishtail look. Sport it with an Anarkali or an Indo-western fusion outfit and we are sure you will receive compliments for your looks 🙂Braided hairstyles 06

7. Braided faux hawk: If you are more of a tomboy-ish person who likes to make a bold statement then go for a braided faux hawk. An unexpected twist on a regular braided ponytail, this type of a hairstyle can transform your overall look and personality. So, if you are looking to make a strong impact on an otherwise playful date, then go for it!Braided hairstyles 07

8. Flower BunAn extremely elegant hairstyle, a flower bun can be easily done on those with long hair. This particular braided hairstyle looks the best on brides on their wedding-day or post-wedding functions. For an embellished look, decorate the bun with jasmine flowers.Braided hairstyles 08

9. Braided Halo: As simple as it sounds, a braided halo is nothing but half open-half tied up hair. The only twist here is that you make two fine braids (above the ear on both the sides) before tying them up together. A braided halo looks best on a cropped top-skirt or a short dress.Braided hairstyles 09






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