10 Useful cosmetics every college girl should have

by Mansi Kohli

10 must-have skin care and makeup products for college-goers unveiled!

Primers to creams, lipsticks to lip balms, brushes to hair accessories and a pair of shades; items mostly seen in most college going PYTs bags. Quite the nomenclature of beauty we say, but wait, what about your sunscreen, your SPF formulas and the kajal so trendy? Here is a checklist of ten must have cosmetic products and trendy makeup items that every college going PYT should have. Read on, pen down this list and do pick them up for sure.Cosmetics 12

1. Cleanser: A cleanser for the skin is a must, and we aren’t only talking about face washes here. What you need is a deep pore cleansing formula which is important since it removes dirt, grime and dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin every day.

Zuri recommends: Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing MilkCosmetics 13

2. Toner: A toner is a must for oily skin and combination skin types especially, so that the pores are closed and there are no chances of the dirt and grime settling in them. Use toning solutions from a reputed brand that helps balance the pH levels of the skin, right after the cleansing process.

Zuri recommends: Nivea Visage oil regulating tonerCosmetics 14

3. SPF Moisturizer: A moisturizer for all skin types should come with a high SPF value, which doubles up as a sun block and a hydrating formula that helps keep the skin soft, supple and very smooth.

Zuri Recommends: Lotus Safe Sun mattifying lotion 3 in 1Cosmetics 15

4. Foundation: Before applying makeup and for the nude look for daily wear, you would need a foundation base that is closest to your skin and for your skin type.

Zuri recommends: Revlon ColorStay Makeup Liquid foundation for Combination Oily SkinCosmetics 16

5. Mascara: Mascara is a must to enhance the lashes and to bring out the best features of your eyes, and you could either use black, brown or invisible mascara for college days. Here we look at just a minimal touch for the glossy affair.

Zuri recommends: Street WearCosmetics 17

6. Eye shadow: For day time parties and college, and if you want to doll up the eye lids with eye shadow, you would need the matte touch sans the shimmer and shine.

Zuri Recommends: Urban Decay Naked Palette 2Cosmetics 18

7. Blush: For the cheeks to look healthy and with an amazing healthy flush to flaunt, the right peach or pink blush for Indian skin tones and types is a must-have.

Zuri recommends: MAC equilibrium blushCosmetics 19

8. Kajal: Doll up the eyes and make them intense for day parties and college functions wearing the right shade of black to flaunt the kohl rimmed eyes.

Zuri recommends: Lakme Eyeconic KajalCosmetics 20

9. Lipstick: Desire to have lips luscious enough and pretty like the leading ladies on silver screen, but don’t want it all too glossy for the day time affairs? Here we would look at bright and light colors sans the shine and shimmer to flaunt.

Zuri recommends: Revlon matte lipsticksCosmetics 21

10. Wet wipes: Carry a pouch of wet wipes, which helps remove makeup, dirt and grime no matter where you are and what you do.

Zuri recommends: Kara facial wipesCosmetics 22

Here are the ten must have’s and we are sure you can find them online or just about anywhere to buy. Keep them handy and use them generously, you never know who’s going head over heels over your beauty!




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