Beauty Poll #59 – Your body type

Are you confused about what shape is your body? Then take this simple quiz and find out about your body type in less than a minute!Poll Tuesdays


3 or more A’s: You have an apple-shaped body. This shape can also be called “round” or “oval.” You have a large bust and stomach, a curvy waist and wide hips. You also have a naturally high waistline, and you tend to gain weight in the middle of your body. The apple body shape refers to someone who is widest through the midsection. You carry the most weight through the midsection and tummy area, and you can have proportionally thinner legs.

3 or more B’s: You have an hourglass body type! Your voluptuous bust and hips are around the same size, while your waist nips in. An hourglass shape is all about full bust and curvy hips with a slender, well-defined waist. You carry the most weight in the bust and hips, and the least weight in the waist and midsection.

3 or more C’s: You are shaped like a pear, in other words- a triangle. You have thin shoulders, a small bust and a flat stomach, and you have larger hips and thighs. A pear-shaped woman is someone who has proportionally wider hips than their measurement across the chest. You carry the most weight in the hips, rear and thighs and the least weight across the chest and in the bust area.

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