What’s the perfect lehenga design for your body type?

by Mansi Kohli

Know your body type and choose a lehenga choli design to wear accordingly!

The gorgeous lehenga choli is much more than just a cropped blouse embellished with chunky embroidery and a long flowing Indian skirt; the ensemble has come a long way, with regard to styles, cuts, designs and has undergone an evolution of sorts too. Keeping that in mind, just because your favorite star on television or the silver screen sported a mid-length sheer Anarkali at her wedding, it doesn’t mean the same would suit you. Knowing your body shape and dressing it apt choosing a lehenga to wear, makes all the difference. Here’s how to do that.Lehenga design 01

1. Know your body shape:

Not every PYT in this country or anywhere in the world is blessed with an hour glass figure. Some of us have elongated torsos whilst others are petite, and some are bulkier than the rest. Don’t get us wrong here, we aren’t discriminating on body types. We instead are working with you to dress you body shape the best, so let’s understand body types first. The four body shapes most commonly found are the apple shaped body, the pear shaped body, the hour glass body and the rectangular shaped body.Lehenga design 02

2. For the plus-sized beauties:

Embrace your curves with love and flaunt the love handles too at your own wedding. This time though we would look for lehengas that are devoid of flares and pleats on the ensemble, no horizontal lines and no bold prints; while choosing the choli, the look should be minimal as the lehenga skirt, and try avoiding heavy chunky statement jewellery too.Lehenga design 03

3. For the hourglass lady: 

The most desirable body type ever known to women, the hourglass shaped body is a structure that is draped easily in any ensemble. The fabrics chosen should be fluid and not stiff, which helps flaunt the hourglass curves better, and thus the mermaid designed lehenga cholis would be the best option to wear.Lehenga design 04

4, For the apple shaped lady:

Women with heavy bust lines shouldn’t worry much when it comes to choosing the right lehenga choli to wear. However, choosing layered lehengas with a long jacket and in soft fabrics would be the best, because they don’t make the bust line look heavier than what it already it. A wide neckline for the choli is a must to help balance the look.Lehenga design 05

5. For the petite lady:

For women with petite bodies, the main issue would be camouflaging the tummy and the hip region to create an illusion of volume. Mermaid lehengas and flowing jackets and cholis or flared lehenga skirts with the tops long enough, would be apt to wear. This helps balance the look and contour the body shape too, giving it a shapely outlook at the end of the day.Lehenga design 06

6. For women with rectangular body:

Women with skinny frames and less of curves or a lean and an athletic body, should choose lehengas that have wide bottom flairs or a circular lehenga. This helps create an illusion of curves and volume on the body with the attire worn. The best fabrics to wear here would be velvet or raw silk, which create more volume and breadth for the body.Lehenga design 07

We hope these fine pointers and tips help you choose the right lehenga choli to wear, as per your body shape and type!





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