10 Surprisingly interesting ways to use beer in your beauty regime

by Mansi Kohli

Wondering what to do with leftover beer? Use it for beauty regimes of course!

The party went on till late last night and you’ve woken up late. There’s enough of stale food and drinks, including half-finished beers lying around, and wastage of anything miffs you off. Don’t spoil your mood, instead thank your friends for leaving behind the brew and ale; both of which can help you with your beauty regimes. Yes, you read that right- beer can help you up the ante with beautification regimes and here are some interesting ways to use beer in your beauty regime. Learn more and apply them too!beauty regime 04

1. Use beer for a supple skin: Need more firmness and elasticity for your skin? Fed up of the saggy skin and the wrinkles that make the face look ages older. Wash your face with stale beer thrice a week and watch the difference a month later. Beer has enough of power to firm up the skin and to remove dead cells, pigmentation and age spots, and it helps in reducing wrinkles too.beauty regime 05

2. Use beer for conditioning your hair: Condition your hair using beer as the last rinse. A glass of stale beer can be used with the help of reverse shampooing. First use a conditioner for your hair and rub the strands well. Next use water to wash the conditioner off and then shampoo the hair. Wash the shampoo off with cold water and then for the final rinse use beer. Gently pour it onto the hair strands and wait for a couple of seconds. Pat dry!beauty regime 06

3. Use beer as an excelling SPF: Take a cup of strawberries and pour four tablespoons of beer into it to form a paste. Apply the paste on your face and your hair, keeping it for half an hour. Do this thrice a week. The paste or face mask helps provide antioxidants to the hair and skin, keeping both safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun and the onslaught of free radicals too.beauty regime 07

4. Use beer as a sun tan removalHoney and egg with beer. Mix the three (1:1:1) and apple the same for deep conditioning of the skin. Use it also as a sun tan removal agent and an amazing voluminizing hair mask that radiates in all its beauty.beauty regime 08

5. Use beer for more of tan removal: Beer and egg white. Mix the two together and apply it on the sun burnt areas of the body or the exposed skin of the body. Wait for half an hour and then wipe of with cold water. The collagen and proteins from the egg plus the acids in beer helps remove the tan and also helps soothe sun burnt areas too. Use the same to promote hair growth too.beauty regime 09

6. Use beer for a hydrating skin: Wash the skin as soon as you come back home with chilled beer, because the beverage has properties that help with skin hydration.beauty regime 10

7. Use beer to maintain the oil balance of your skin: For sensitive skin with low pH levels, you could dab a piece of cotton into stale beer and rub the skin gently with it. Do this twice a day to help with elasticity of the skin and to maintain the oil balance and the pH level balance too.beauty regime 11

8. Use beer for skin whiteningBrighten the skin with a beer face wash instead of using skin lightening face washes, each time you enter home after a long day outside.beauty regime 12

9. Use beer for removing dead skin: Mix a teaspoon of oatmeal with a tablespoon of beer to form a paste that would help bind the skin and remove dead skin cells.beauty regime 13

10. Use beer for healthy hair: Emulsify dry and brittle hair strands using beer as a hair treatment agent. You would need to pour drops of beer onto the hair and massage the strands with your fingers. This helps bring back the bounce, luster and shine much needed.beauty regime 14

So don’t be miffed about the remainder beers you thought were a waste. Throw another party and hope for more half cans to remain, because that would be your beauty hack to use.




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