18 Stylish ways to wear French nail tips

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Nothing beats a classic or a funky French manicure! This summer, try these 18 stylish French nail tips for an ultra-cool look!

Summer time is all about sporting a clean, tidy look. The wardrobe gets a complete makeover! With all the dark colors packed for Fall/Winter, the white, creams, beiges, and pastels are brought to the forefront. Around this time of the year, our makeup and hair also begins to represent the ultra-cool look. Manageable tresses or often short hairstyles and minimal makeup is the most preferred style. Well! Now that’s the trend most Indian women sport during the peak summer months. Then, why should you not get a summer-inspired look for your hands and feet as well? Nicely manicured hands with nudes and French nails is the way to go this season. But, a typical classic French manicure can be quite boring. That’s why today, Zuri brings to you 18 stylish ways to wear French nail tips!French nail tips 01

1. Colorful French tipsThere are many types of French manicures, but nothing beats a colorful one. Besides, this is a new classic, elegant look a summer French nail tips. You can opt for subtle colors for the French tips or the brighter version. You can also try it at home, all in all, just make sure to aim for perfect tips!

2. Reverse French tips: Also called as half-moon French manicure, reverse French tips are super trending at the moment. You can go for a black and white theme, bold colors or subtle light shades that match the outfit. A pro-tip: apply your base coat first and then apply the color you want your “moons” to be in, right over the bottom of your nails (pretty much starting from the edge).French nail tips 02

3. Metallic French tips: We are going crazy about metallic nail polishes. This year again metallic shades will be a big fad. Metallic manis have been popping up everywhere, from the red carpet events to popular fashion weeks from around the world. Be it gold, silver or a solid heavy metal, let your nails shine with an industrial obsession. Let the summer sun kiss the nails and the mirrors reflect them with all the more shine!French nail tips 03

4. Bling-y French tips: Bling is back and how? Summer evenings are all about sparkle, glitter and glamour. Whether it is a date night or a summer wedding, sport some shimmer on your nail tips. A midnight blue with fiery gold or sparkling sequins on a nude pink is definitely going to add beauty to your hands and toes. Besides, it is amazing how it works for both formal & casual occasions.French nail tips 04

5. Floral French tips: For an elegant, summer inspired French manicure, we recommend floral tips. They are intricate and quite elaborate. You will definitely need some professional help if it’s your first time. The base color can be coated in transparent white and tipped with white polish, with pink and red petals along with a couple of green leaves that go well with your cute short floral dress!French nail tips 05

6. Two lines French tips: Funky and typically symmetrical, this nail art is for those who love geometry. At some point, this style was a fashion revolution. You can tweak this design as per your liking. Infact, go for multiple lines if that’s your style. Use scotch tape for the perfect symmetry. French nail tips 06

Before we sum this up, here are 2 more expert suggestions for the application of French tips:

1. Always use the freshest polish you can, because nail polishes are full of volatile chemicals that begin evaporating as soon as the bottle is opened.

2. Always leave your thumbs for the end. That way you can use your thumbnails to clean up polish mistakes on your opposite hand, improving your application immensely. 

Have fun with the beautiful French tips! 🙂





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