7 Stylish summer hair colours of this year

by Aarti Kapur Singh

This summer give your hair a stylish makeover with sexy hair colours trending this year!

Nothing feels better than the fresh summer air in our hair. Warmer weather has us itching to try a new style and re-invent our looks. Doing it in a way to break free from old hairstyles would be a great idea. While internationally, summer 2015 ushers in pastel hues ranging from light lavender (in a variety of candy colored intensities) to sultry, smoky mink (in all its shades of gray) to copper blonde (and the entire rose gold metal range), Indian women may not be that experimental with their hair. But there are a few wearable interpretation of top hair color trends to keep you in tune with the times, yet subtle enough for day-to-day.Summer Hair colours 01

From rich chocolate to chestnut flecked with gold, the different possible shades of brown – the color most-preferred by dark-haired women – run across an endless spectrum. For those who are looking to make a change or just amp up their natural color, here is how you can update your hair this season:  

1. Vibrant copper:

Light up dark hair with copper-colored accents. Dip-dyed or highlighted throughout, these warm, metallic tones can be a baby step toward going full ginger.

2. Ombre

From ombre to sombre to colombre, it seems like there’s something new popping up every time we turn around. Over ombre? Check out reverse ombre, which is just like it sounds: The style flips the dark-to-light fade on its head with light roots and dip-dyed tips. While less natural looking than the gradation that’s been everywhere in the last year, the look brings an undeniable punky vibe. Sombre is a soft ombre and more diffused and sun-kissed – think Nimrat Kaur’s color in Airlift. It’s more of a grown-up, more discreet alternative to dramatic ombre. The color blends in with your natural hair color and is way easier to maintain. Summer Hair colours 04

3. Mahogany: 

Mahogany is a polished dark brown with earthy red undertones just perfect for warming up your basic brown shade this summer. This shade also makes limp and fine hair look more full and sumptuous.

4. Blue-Black:

Pocahontas inspired the obsession with hair so black it’s blue. For girls with naturally dark locks, a navy blue wash or subtle highlighting is a fun way to appear even more raven-haired without going goth. It is also one of the least harmful ways of adding a touch of style if you are afraid of experimenting with color.

5. Tortoise-shell:

Tortoiseshell, or ecaille if you’re classy, is a technique where a rich blend of chestnut, chocolate brown and gold are painted onto the hair. The result is multidimensional and expensive looking and it’s being called the trend to pay attention to this summer.Summer Hair colours 09

6. Truffle:

This shade or color effect has become rather popular thanks to Kate Middleton. This chocolatey truffle shade is truly wonderful to make hair appear to have more volume. Truffle looks awesome on any skin tone and is a great shade for any texture of hair.

7. Balayage Highlights:

The sun-kissed glowing look has been around for a while, but balayage highlights that look like highlights have been hand-painted are all the rage right now. It gives the hair softer and almost ignorable re-growth lines because dark hair roots are gently blended into blonder shades that you see at the ends of the hair. That means salon visits need not be that frequent. Foil or meche is not used to create the look – and hence the ‘hand-painted’ analogy. In the hands of a good stylist, it can be very personalized as it takes skill to place the color in just the right places to compliment your skin tone and highlight the shape and texture of your hair – whether it is curly, wavy or straight.Summer Hair colours 13







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