18 Stunning short hairstyles for women

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Check out 18 spectacular hairstyles for short hair length! Sport a fabulous look this summer

Looking just the same season after season can get really boring. There has to be some difference in the summer and winter beauty look. That’s why it is said that one must continue to experiment with their styles. Today, Zuri brings to you 18 stunning and ultra-cool hairstyles specifically focusing on the short hair length. Those with long hair can opt for a bit of a chop-chop this season, while ladies with short hair can try out any of these 5 gorgeous hairstyles for a summer-glam look!Short hairstyles for women 18

So, let’s take a sneak peek at the 5 main styles that work wonderfully well on women across age-groups. Wear them with some customization at your end for the desired look. Be it sizzling hot, trendy, edgy, creative or elegant, you can achieve the personal style statement with these highly recommended hairstyles.

1. Slightly Wavy Bob: Really simple, unique and trendy, slightly wavy bobs are also pretty versatile. Go for a cute fringe to add an extra oomph to your overall style. For a creative look, give them an undone-messy look by blow drying the hair curling away from your face with a round brush. 

2. Pixie Cut: Just like it’s name, this hairstyle is cute and sweet, yet it can be worn to bring out the bold or edgy personality in you. Besides, it is extremely cool and popular with Hollywood as well as Bollywood divas. Pixie cut is typically characterized by short hair on the back and sides of the head, but slightly longer on the top, however, pixie cut can also be tweaked as per your liking, face cut and hair texture.Short hairstyles for women 19

3. Slicked Back Lob: This year’s superstar, back lob hairstyle is chic and glamorous. You can sport a side-wept look or a beachy ombre with a slicked back lob. Strike a perfect balance with the stylish color streaks or a beautiful hair accessory.Short hairstyles for women 20

4. Beachy Wave: For an ultimate fun holiday, unleash the boho chic persona in you and go for this sexy hairstyle. Beachy wave look is a show stopper, it is perfect for a fun-shopping-date with the girls or a special occasion of your life. The best candidate for this hairstyle is someone with a round face. If you have poker straight hair, then we recommend you to create curls or waves by applying styling foam throughout damp hair and scrunch your hair with the tips of the fingers.Short hairstyles for women 21

5. Mid-Length Look: If beachy vibe isn’t quite your style and mid-length hair gets you going really confused over what sort of hairstyle can be sported around this time of the year, then go for a perfect mid-length subtle and soft waves. This hairstyle suits almost all types of face cuts, from oval, to square, pear and heart as well.Short hairstyles for women 22


  1. Sport bangs for a neat look.
  2. Excessively shaggy hairstyles are not recommended for slightly older ladies. They may appear sloppy.
  3. Always bear in mind the shape of your face and the texture of your hair before trying out a new hairstyle.
  4. Thick coarse hair always look better in elongated cuts.







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