20 Most iconic red carpet fashion dresses for this season

by Neha Paranjpe

Look stunning in these latest, trendy and iconic red carpet inspired fashion dresses!

With the awards season just behind us, we got to witness a lot of great fashion along with some great movies as well. The stars pulled out all their best pieces to style themselves and stand out on the red carpet at the Oscars and Golden Globes. Closer to home, the celebrities sparkled in couture at one of the popular fashion awards red carpet event. If you want to take a page out of these star’s fashionable books, then here is your bible. These are some of the most iconic styles that are sure to be a big hit at any red carpet event.red carpet fashion dresses 01

1. Solid colors: Solid colors like oranges, reds, greens, blues and pinks make for some stunning style. Whether worn as a gown, saree or a pantsuit, it’s hard to go wrong with these bright shades. Stick to the solids and style your look based on your complexion. Fairer skin tones can opt for colors like yellows and blues, whereas colors like reds look great on wheat-ish complexion. Bright colors like deep greens and peach look wonderful on dusky skin. Olivia Munn’s bright orange gown shone like the sun at the Oscar’s red carpet this year.red carpet fashion dresses 02

2. Stunning silhouettes: Another blockbuster hit on the red carpet is a stunning silhouette. You can experiment with A-line skirt dresses, form fitting shapes, empire line gowns and free flowing fabrics based on your body type and personal preferences. There is no one rule for a silhouette, just pick something you are comfortable with, and you’ll be ready to walk any red carpet with grace. Rachel McAdams stole the show at the Oscars this year with her gorgeous fitted and backless trailing green dress.red carpet fashion dresses 03

3. Shimmery and metallic: Many stars shine under the spotlight for their work, but at the red carpet, their clothes shimmer too. Metallic and shimmery fabrics are a favorite trend on red carpets. Form fitted styles with metallic tones of silver, gold and bronze look wonderful on all skin and body types. Brie Larson from the award winning film Room sparkled on the Golden Globes red carpet in her gorgeous Calvin Klein shimmery metallic dress.

4. Pastels: Summer red carpets are filled with pastel shades and lighter hues and tones. Baby pinks, soft blues and delicate grays are an excellent style choice for the scorching sunny days. Daisy Ridley’s take on a blue gray ankle length dress was the perfect outfit to sizzle the red carpet style with a cool look.

5. Nudes: For a delicate and ethereal look, how can one go wrong with nudes. Simple and elegant dresses or elaborate and decked up gowns work well for all. If minimalist is your favorite kind of style, then these are the shades for you. Kate Hudson’s tulle dress in nude with a shimmery fabric inside showed off her toned figure perfectly while accentuating her wispy golden curls and her bright red lips.

6. Classic colors: Nothing spells style better than the classic colors of black and white. All black, pure whites or a mix of the two are enough to make you the center of attention at any black-tie event. The versatility of these colors allows one to experiment with fabrics and silhouettes, either free flowing or structured and can flatter any figure when teamed up with the right shoes, makeup and accessories. For a classic couture look, Blake Lively’s black and white strapless gown is the epitome of a distinguished high fashion style.

These tried and tested style formulas are all you need to startle the shutterbugs at any red carpet event.





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