How to achieve the perfect black eyeliner look

by Mansi Kohli

Easy ways to achieve the perfect black eyeliner look unveiled!

How often have you admired the eyeliners on famous Bollywood divas and have sighed wishing you could master the same in one stroke? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? This is a predicament most of us women deal with day in and day out, and since we all love dolling up our eyes; dark and nice with kohl rimmed touches, getting the perfect flick is what can take hours at times. In the end, we tend to look a little too gothic, since the eyeliner gets smudged or else we look alien-ish with eyeliner flicks going north and south on either eyelids. We need help, and we need it now, which is why we are here with a few easy weasy ways and hacks to use that help with the right eyeliner application.Black eyeliner look 01

1. The winged flick eyelined eyes: The winged flick is the most important and very easy to do eyeliner technique which we promise doesn’t take more than five minutes to the max to achieve on both eyes. To begin with, you must get hold of a reputed branded gel liner and an eyeliner brush. Start by making an angular flick on the outer corner of the eye, and then from the mid section of the lid, draw a line forty-five degrees to the tip of the flick. The next step would be to draw a curve from the inner corner to the top of the mid section line to join. Color this portion in black first, and then the remainder of the gap that starts from the mid section to the flick.Black eyeliner look 02

2. The cat eyed liner: Getting catty now and then is okay, and when we have eyeliners to help us be the kitty on the prowl, why wouldn’t we want to take advantage of the same? To get the perfect cat eyeliner technique and master it in easy ways, you would need to get hold of a gel liner and a eyeliner brush from reputed brands. Begin with smudging the eyeliner brush in the eyeliner pot, and then creating a flick on the outer corner of the eye. Now from the inner corner of the eye, using the eyeliner brush draw a smooth line close to the lashes (thin as you start and thicker as you progress) towards the outer corner of the eye, meeting the flick. Add a curve to the flick very gently and let it set. Here were two amazing and easy ways to use your gel liner and eyeliner brush to bring about two eyeliner techniques for daily wear in less than five minutes. We would now like to share a few hacks that work wonderfully well as helpers to bring about that perfect flick you so desire. Some of us have unstable hands, which is why these hacks are a must to use.Black eyeliner look 03

3. Scotch tape to the rescue: Grab a piece of scotch tape and place it perpendicular on the lids. At the outer corner of the lid and with the help of your eyeliner brush or pen, soaked in the dark kohl, draw a line or a flick. Remove the tape gently after a second and then line the remainder portion of the eyelids. You now have cat eyes ready to flaunt.Black eyeliner look 04

4. Placement of the fingers makes a difference: When applying eyeliner, remember to arch the eyebrows upwards from the apex of the brow so as to pull the skin of the lids along with it. This helps rim every space above the lash line easily and doesn’t allow pecks of skin to stay untouched; providing a smooth eyeliner look in the end.Black eyeliner look 05

5. Heard of the spoon eyeliner hack?: The spoon eyeliner hack is an easy tool to use when you want that sexy cat eyed look to manifest, and soon! To get the right cat eyed flick is important, which is why placing the base of the spoon, forty-five degrees from the outer corner of the eyes outwards helps. Draw the flick below the spoon base, and remove the spoon thereafter. Fill in and flaunt those eyes!Black eyeliner look 06

We hope these two tutorials and the three hacks on getting the perfect desired eyeliner comes in handy! Do share your secrets on eyeliner techniques with us as well.




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