5 Exquisite braids for long hair that can be done under 5 minutes

by Mansi Kohli

Feminine, romantic, chic, trendy, yet elegant, try out these 5 easy braid styles to flaunt your long hair in style!

Long hair to have and flaunt is a dream for most PYTs that want to look trendy and chic, even when the summer months are at its high. However, with the pollution, dirt and grime attacking our hair, most of us tend to go snip-snip for maintenance sake and to keep our hair healthy and strong. Add to that the woes of styling our hair so long, it can be worrisome each morning. WRONG! You don’t have to cut your hair anymore, and you don’t have to spend too much time styling Rapunzel locks too- not when there are five easy braids every girl should learn how to do!Braids for long hair 01

1. The lace headband braidThe lace headband braid is a style that speaks volumes of a feminine touch and a sassy chic look. You could wear this for work on a Friday or just about anywhere, without much fuss. All you need is five minutes for this hairstyle and you would be ready. Start by dividing the hair into two sections- one in front and the rest at the back. The hair at the back should be tied into a high ponytail, while the hair in front should be braided across the crown zone. Secure the braid to the top of the ear with a pin and fluff the ponytail behind with a back brush technique to add volume. Voila! The easy peasy lace headband hairdo is ready.Braids for long hair 02

2. The messy-on-purpose braided bunFancy a bohemian look for Friday at work or just about any day to stun the colleagues with? Here’s the messy-on-purpose bun which shall do justice in less than five minutes. Also known as the snake braid, you would need to begin by partitioning the hair two ways- front and the back. The hair at the back should be crimped with a styling product using your hands and rolled into a messy bun. The hair strands in front should be braided from the temple zone and tied neatly into the messy bun, sideways! Messy and easy yet very sexy!Braids for long hair 03

3. The Double Dutch braided bunThe double Dutch braided bun hairstyle can be worn to college or just about anywhere that suits the sassy street styled lass and her persona. For this style to be worn, one would need to first begin by dampening the hair with a nice styling product and middle partitioning the strands. Comb the hair in two partitions, using the front portion to braid on both sides. Take a bunch of hair from the nape of the neck on either sides and form two braids thick enough for the curl up needs. Now wrap the neck braids around the faux ponytail with the back hair forming a low messy bun– securing the bun with bobby pins. The braids in front should be directed towards the top end of the messy bun and secured with pins too. You are ready for college!Braids for long hair 04

4. Tie-the-knot-braided updo: The tie-the-knot-braided updo is apt as a style to flaunt at weddings and special events, gala parties and elegant gatherings, with just about any ensemble you would like to wear. To do this style, you would first need to comb all your hair backwards and secure the back of the hair in two low ponytails. Braid each ponytail into a thick strand and then take one braid to twirl and swirl from under the other- continue till the end of the first braid completely wraps around the second one. Do the same with the second braid around the bun formed by the first braid, and use bobby pins to secure the low braided updo. Elegant and classy would be the look!Braids for long hair 05

5. The half up faux hawk braided do: To be out on a coffee date and with no time hand to get the hair ready, is every girls’ nightmare. However, with the half up faux hawk hair braided do, you could create a fashion statement and swoon him too. To emulate this style, start by dividing the hair into three zones- the front, the middle and the back. The hair in the front should be back brushed with a comb and tied into a messy braid. The hair at the sides and the back should be combed backwards and secured at the back of the head with a pin. Over the side brushed hair at the back, the messy hair braid in front should fall, and the hair at the back should be combed into a crunchy messy look! Use hairspray to keep the look in place.

Braids for long hair 06




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