6 Awesome fashion trends that are back with a bang!

by Mansi Kohli

OMG! These 90s fashion trends are back with a bang and look so trendy too!

From overalls to chokers, fashionable Nike swishes to branded mortal combat boots and more, they say fashion has a vicious circle of its own and today we shall prove that too. In the early 2000s, most of these ‘ugly fashion trends’ faded away, but here we are in 2016 and are most shocked yet happy to see the paradigm turn of fashion wheel happening once again. Take a look, brace yourselves, because the perms and the flashy loud makeup and very vibrant anti-fits and baggy clothing along with chunky accessories are making a comeback soon- at a street near you!Fashion trends 01

1. Peplum styled tops and dresses: The 90s sitcoms and movies showed us many starlets flaunting peplum dresses and tops like there was no tomorrow to come. In all shades and hues, styles and designs, even Indian designers took to creating ethnic Indian wear with peplum touches for the hourly figure to attain on the Indian beauty. Newsflash fashionistas, it isn’t only Kim Kardashian sporting them with aplomb, there are other pretty divas doing the same.Fashion trends 02

2. Tanks and crops: We aren’t talking about the agrarian society here mentioning tanks and crops, but instead are talking about tank tops and crop tops. Back in the 90s and with its unisex appeal, men and women alike wore tank tops with just about anything. From denims ripped at the knees to shorts and hot pants, flair skirts to umbro shorts and even with army pants too, tank tops and crop tops ruled.Fashion trends 03

3. High waist bottoms: In the new-age we would laugh looking at the high-waist denims and pants, calling them grandparent clothes. However, back in the 90s it was a fashion statement to behold. Women wore them with loose shirts tucked in, tanks tops and crop tops or cropped jackets too. What do you know now, because the style is making inroads into wardrobes once again!

4. Strappy dresses of the 90s: Summers of the 90s saw many women across the globe in floral or printed strappy dresses- at work, at play or just about anywhere. Feminine and chic, perfect for a coffee meet or a date with someone special too, strappy dresses are coming back with a bang this time. Keep a watch out for them!Fashion trends 04

5. Sexy combat boots: There was always something rugged and yet very feminine with women’s combat boots back in the 90s, and when worn with floral strappy dresses, the look came about as chic and sexy. 2016 and beyond for some time now would see many PYTs wearing the look for the summer evenings, dances, nights out, dates and college festivals; you cannot but try this one more time for the sake of 90s love.Fashion trends 05

6. Chokers, remember them?: The boomeranging trend of wearing chokers back in the 90s was the capricious norm, and the trend is back with hardly any updates, which brings back the nostalgia for sure. The choker as an accessory comes in all shapes and designs and as the name suggests, sticks to your neck. You now can flaunt the new cleavage of the new age- your neck, wearing one of the chunkiest chokers made from metals, plastic, DIY them with materials around the house or from crocheted wool too.Fashion trends 06

So here were amazing six fashion trends of the 90s that are making a comeback, and we would love to show you more, but first, let us know which of these six caught your fancy the most. When dolling up in these 90s statement looks, don’t forget to dress up your tresses in loud curls and the face in shiny makeup, red lips and dark eyeliner– else the look of the 90s wouldn’t come through! Do share your 90s fashion secrets with us as well!





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