Latest designer saree trends for a summer wedding

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Find out about the latest saree trends for the ongoing wedding season!

Ask any man, anywhere in the world, and the unanimous vote for the most alluring garment on a woman would be a saree. This versatile nine yard fabric can be suited to any occasion – weddings, formal office parties, college farewells or even the important day in your life. Typically worn at parties and special occasions, they can be difficult to wear at times. The layers of fabrics, the constant tucking and draping, and the long, flowing material can sometimes be unmanageable. But when they look this glamorous, it is definitely worth the effort. The saree is and always will be one of the most iconic items of clothing in the world.Designer saree trends 01

Sarees are one of the oldest Indian outfits and yet they never cease to innovate more and more. In recent years, fashion moguls have stepped out of their comfort zones and created outlandish, one of a kind designs like we’ve never seen before, and this year seems to be no different.

Here are a few of summer’s hottest saree style trends that need to be kept in mind whether you are getting married or attending a wedding.

1. Color Pleated Sarees:

After last year’s trend of contrast pallus, now it is the turn of pleats to assert themselves. A leading trend is to have the pleats in a different or contrasting color than the rest of the saree, and the pallu may or may not be in another third color. You can pick an embellished one for weddings or parties, and for day events (or your average day date and dance sequence in a Bollywood movie) there’s always the designer chiffon!Designer saree trends 02

2. Sheer and Opaque Combination Sarees:

There is nothing more feminine and sexy than sheer, fluid drapes. Sarees have gone from being translucent to totally sheer to a combination of both! So the pallu can be opaque and saree can be sheer or the other way round, either ways it has an artistic touch to it. Be sure to have that perfect figure if you want to flaunt a totally sheer saree. Or else, the opaque parts of the saree can be chosen to hide the problem areas of the body.Designer saree trends 03Designer saree trends 04Designer saree trends 05

3. Lace Sarees:

Talking of sheer, lace is considered to be timelessly classy. A lace saree is like a black dress – everyone must have at least one in their wardrobe. Like all sheer materials, lace creates an effortlessly glamorous look. Intricate weaves give an air of sophistication and this delicate look is extremely popular. Wearing the right blouse underneath is crucial – satin, for instance, complements the soft texture of the lace.Designer saree trends 06Designer saree trends 07

4. Ombre Sarees:

After ombre dupattas, and ombre lehengas, the ombre trend has taken over sarees too! The choice of color shades for ombre can be very tricky, but to have the different shades of the same color family is always very appealing.Designer saree trends 08

Designer saree trends 09

5. Border Sarees:

2016 is also the year of the evergreen broad bordered saree to make a trendy comeback. Be it the demure Kanjeevaram silk saree or a brazen single-tone net saree, borders can make them all the more classy. The young at heart can also try sequin, metallic, gota patti and silk appliqué borders.

6. Lehenga Saree or Saree Gown:

A saree gown is a perfect amalgamation of the East-West fusion. The garment in rather self-explanatory. A gown in styled in the same of a saree – or vice versa – but without any flyaway parts – such as a pallu. This makes it manageable for those who find it difficult to drape and wrap the material around them. Lehenga sarees are rather popular with brides for engagement functions or offbeat and destination weddings. A bolder statement can be made with layered styles or a saree gown with slits.Designer saree trends 14

Designer saree trends 157. Pre-Draped and Concept Sarees:

Other than gown and capes, concept sarees are the hottest It-trend right now! They come pre-draped or are worn in a different unique way. The most common ones we saw on the runways was dhoti saree, in many collections of designers like Ritu Kumar and Nikhil Thampi. Designers are also pairing saree with leggings, scarves and trousers and also contrasting colors and a mix of fabrics.Designer saree trends 16




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