Beauty Poll #62- Summer Beauty Care

Summer is all about showing off your skin and looking cool. Take this simple quiz to find out which beauty product is perfect for your skin!Poll Tuesdays

3 or more A’s: Your ultimate motto in life is to look pretty. And, why shouldn’t you? After-all, life is like a bed of roses. Take your makeup to another level by wearing thick cat-eyes and a red lipstick. We recommend you never step out without  a bright colored lip stain!

3 or more B’s: You just know how to draw a line between going overboard and staying casual. Formal means decent amount of makeup and an informal-fun party means looking just about good enough to be ready to have fun. Well! That’s you. You know exactly how to impress the crowd. But, let’s take a step further and add more glamour with a white kajal pencil. Only- this summer and exclusively for you 😉

3 or more C’s: You are way too practical and an easy-going girl who loves to stay comfortable without caring much about the world! This summer, opt for a bold eyeliner look for a ravishing looking you!

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