4 Stunning summer eye makeup and lipstick combinations you must try

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Check out 4 stunning eye makeup and lipstick color combinations for a sultry-summer look!

A beauty rule that is often emphasized upon by everyone is how only one feature of your face should be highlighted at a time. But if trends and fashions are anything to go by, eye makeup and lipstick combinations are ruling runways this season. And while it’s true that too much pigment on both areas at once can look scary and overpowering, there are ways to combine color on both your lids and your lips for an elegant effect.eye makeup and lipstick 01

This is as tricky as it sounds glamorous. Even the most seasoned beauty buffs tread carefully when mixing and matching eye and lip makeup. There is always a fear of mixing and matching the wrong lip and eye combo, taking their look from fab to frightening.

From pretty earth tones and smokey gray shadows to Bordeaux red and bold violet lip shades, there’s a winning combo here for every girl. Follow our guide to match the perfect eye shadow to a beautiful lip color for a look that will see you through the work week, weekend, and beyond.

1. Red and gold: 

This is a classic combo that’s not going anywhere till the end of makeup! Red lipstick always steals the show, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with a completely bare lid. A red lip should always be the lone star of a makeup look. Offset it with subtle gold shimmer on your lids. To balance the lips but match the glamour, opt for a subtle gold shimmer shadow on the lids. For a more dramatic look, though, you can always pair red lipstick with a contrast eye shadow – such as green or blue.eye makeup and lipstick 02

2. Nude and violet: 

Nude lips and violet lids are one of the classiest and freshest color combinations. A nude lip goes with everything. And even though nude lips and black smokey eyes have really been overdone, but make your eyes pop with a violet-hued smokey eye for a fresh take. In fact, if you are someone who likes to wear colorful jewel toned eye shadows, wear any jewel tone eye shadow of you desire, and just pair it with a perfect nude lips. It is going to make a beautiful statement while balancing out a heavy look.

3. Orange and champagne: 

Coral lips with champagne lids look sophisticated, and the colors are light enough to be worn during the day. Coral lipstick will brighten up your face while a light champagne shadow will lend a soft focus to the eyes.

4. Gray and pink/ plum: 

This is such an eternal combo that is suitable for all ages. Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you can’t wear a rich berry shade of lipstick. If you are going dark on the lips, soften the effect with a slate smokey eye. If your lipstick is a lighter shade of pink, use a deeper pigment on the eyes.



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