Beauty Poll #63 – Your Perfect Hairstyle

And we are back with our fun and easy beauty quiz. Answer these 5 easy questions to find out about your perfect go-to hairstyle!Poll Tuesdays

3 or more A’s: Medium-length straight hair is your ideal hairstyle. it works really well with your face-cut and is easy to maintain. Wash and straighten for a gorgeous look.

3 or more B’s: For a round face-shape as your’s, it’s best to pair a center-part with long layers and soft curls. For a part look, wear gorgeous locks by using a large-barrel curling iron to create loose curls, then run fingers through hair.

3 or more C’s: In and trending lob is ideal for a square-shape face-cut. You can opt for short or long bob depending on your hair-length.

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