5 Amazing ways of wearing the perfect lower lashline eyeliner

by Neha Paranjpe

Take a look at the most amazing and easy ways of wearing the lower lashline eyeliner. Now, perfect the art of wearing sexy eye makeup!

Eyeliner is probably the most versatile makeup accessory. You can wear it on your upper eyelid, lower lash line, water line or even tight line your eyes and they will pop and look amazing each time. If you have been wondering what the best ways to wear lower lash liner are, then you are in luck. Here is the style guide you need to perfectly pull off elegant lower lash eyeliner in style.lower lashline eyeliner 01

1. Casual day lookFor a simple day look, it’s best not to make your eyes look to heavy and decked up with makeup. For a simple and sweet daytime look, opt for a light brown eyeliner pencil that will draw attention to your eyes without overpowering the rest of the look. Use your blow dryer and just hold the eyeliner pencil under the hot air for a few seconds. Wait for the pencil to cool down so it isn’t too hot and this will give it a soft crayon like consistency. This is the best way to wear eyeliner that will create a soft look. The brown too is an ideal color for the day time and will create a simple yet elegant look. Line your eyes just below the lower lash line using a delicate stroke and you are done!

2. Work lookFor a day at work, it’s important to look groomed and presentable, but you don’t want to look like you are headed off to a party. For this look, using an eye shadow is a great way to make your eyes look lined without going overboard. Opt for a light taupe color that is matte and not shimmery. Using an angled eye makeup brush, just draw a delicate line below your lower lash line. You can even enhance this slightly by topping it up with a darker shade on the outer corner or a light stroke with a brown or gold eyeliner pencil.lower lashline eyeliner 02

3. Relaxed evening look: Heading out for a movie with friends after work? Just a small amount is make up is ideal to keep you looking fresh. Use a charcoal gray colored eyeliner pencil and follow the same hair dryer trick to soften the pencil to a crayon like consistency. Then draw a stroke along your lower lash line. Make sure you don’t apply it on the inside along the water line. You can thicken the stroke as you like depending on personal preference.lower lashline eyeliner 03

4. Night party style: For a great day to night-time look, opt for a black eyeliner pencil. Draw a delicate stroke just along the lower lash line. Then using a brown or dark taupe shade of eye shadow in a slightly shimmery shade, use the angled brush and apply the eye shadow just below the eyeliner stroke and focus on the outer corner. You can then apply a winged liner on the upper lid if you want a dressier look.lower lashline eyeliner 04

5. Club nights: Friday night calls for some dancing just to let your hair down. But you can’t team up your best club wear with drab looking makeup. When heading to a club, make sure your eyes are the focal point using a gel based eye liner. This has a soft finish and a strong color. Apply black gel eyeliner just alone the lower lash line and then draw a thick stroke on the upper eyelid and connect the strokes at the outer corner of the eye for an ideal party girl look!lower lashline eyeliner 05





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