17 Latest short curly hairstyles for working women

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Take a look at 17 latest and trendy hairstyles for working ladies with short and curly hair!

Do you have short, thick, curly locks? Do you have problem deciding on the hair-look during weekends? Are you wearing the same old hairstyle each and every day? All-in-all, are you thinking about going for permanent hair straightening? Hang on! Think again! Short, curly hair can be a blessing too. Infact, there are girls who are literally dying to have natural curls. Besides, you can actually try out several hairstyles for an elegant party look, traditional festive look, and classy office-look.Short curly hairstyles 01

The best thing about short curls is that you can look vintage as well as sassy. Highlighting the streaks with an offbeat shade such as maroon can give you a boho-chic, rather edgy look. Additionally, achieve the perfect curls by blow drying your hair after a wash. Also, taming them with a round bristle brush works wonderfully. You can also use a curling rod to make sure that your otherwise natural curls are in place through the day. The only advice Zuri has for you is that when styling your hair, try and kill the frizz (often caused by the moisture) by using a special serum after a hair-wash.

Now, get ready to take a look at Zuri’s 5 major styles and 17 hair looks for a quick inspiration. This summer, give your daily-work-look a chic makeover.

1. Short Curly Hairstyle with a French twist: One of the most delightful hairstyles for ladies with short, curly hair. It’s otherwise a simple one but because we are adding a twist with a French braid fringe, the outcome is pretty suave.

2. Curly Highlighted Short Hairstyle with Heavy Side Swept Bangs: Bangs are in and the side-swept bang is bound to give your short curls a sexy makeover. You can also add layers for a dramatic effect. This hairstyle is not just apt for work, but you can also wear it to after-work party or a special occasion!Short curly hairstyles 02

3. Side Parted Short Curled Layered Hairstyle: If you thought layers are difficult to manage then kindly change your mind now. Post-haircut look can be achieved by properly managing your layered locks. The key to making sure that your side parted short curls stay in place is (i) blow-drying after a hair wash, and (ii) applying hairspray/mousse for styling. If going on holiday this summer, get yourself sexy beachy curls. They add more fun to the overall look.Short curly hairstyles 03

4. Super Short Hairstyle with Bangs and Headband: Like we said, bangs are in! But, what you were not sure of earlier was the additional hair accessory. So, ladies, unleash the playful side of your’s with a simple hair ornament. A black hairband which can be replaced with a glittery, embellished headgear to a post-office party. There is so much punk to this look! Insn’t it?Short curly hairstyles 04

5. Short Layered Super Curly Retro Hairstyle: Think of all the popular 80’s movies and you will know what we mean. The fashion and beauty scene from the 80’s is back in fashion. In terms of hairstyles, curls, dramatic bangs, a little feathering in short hair is a fad these days.



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