Clever red lipstick and eye makeup looks for a date night

by Mansi Kohli

Let that red lipstick and dramatic eye makeup do the talking at the date night!

Red is a color so powerful, it beams of passion, love, hunger, lust, sensuality and power, amongst the many adjectives one could bestow it with. No wonder, musicians, poets, singers and artists alike have composed pieces on the flaming shades of red, since time immemorial. Here’s your chance to make that first impression a memorable one- with red lipstick and eye makeup so dramatic, he would just not want to leave you for the night! Here are five super sassy red lipstick and eye makeup ideas to wear and flaunt with just about anything on the precious date night!red lipstick and eye makeup 01

1. Smokey plum eyesIf the date night begins a little early in the evening, you could opt for cool tones such as red plums for the eyelids to doll up in – packed with a hint of shimmer of course, to tantalize and bring about a seductive sultry touch. Start with the mid-section of the eyelids in light plum shades, heading darker as you reach the outer corner of the eyes in dark plum tones. The inner to the mid-section of the eyes should be in steel white or grays, and so would be the area below the brows as well. Winged liners complete the look with false eyelashes for the dramatic effect to come lipstick and eye makeup 02

2. Red hot lipsNothing speaks of power and sassy touches, more than a pair of hot lips to go with the evening cocktail wear and sultry silver smokey eyes. Warm toned lips with cool toned neutral eyes are a tantalizing pair to deal with. What you could do is to first apply lip balm to moisten the lips and then use a red lip pencil to correct the lip shape. The next step would be to apply a pinch of powder on the mid-section of the lips and then fill the lips with deep red hues; powder helps with a pouty effect and stops the lipstick from bleeding too. Only use gloss if your lips are thin, or else let it be!red lipstick and eye makeup 03

3. Sultry eyes and hot red lips: Men love it when women wear makeup that suits and matches their skin tone, or shades that bring an au naturel glow. With that being said, one can wear sultry shimmery neutral toned brown eye shadow for the lips; to balance the look, hot red lips in matte tones for thick lips and glossy for thin lips are a must. A dab of powder in the mid-section of the lips, before filling in the lips with red pigment should be done- a pouty effect comes through. Complete the look with cat-eyed liners on both lids!red lipstick and eye makeup 04

4. Intense red smokey lids: If you wish to keep the lips nude to light pink or peach-ish, you then can play with the eyelids for a dramatic effect in reds to come through. Start by applying a light shade of red from the inner section of the eye to the mid-section, and a darker shade of red in shimmery tones from the mid to the outer section of the eye- blend the division with a brush, and highlight the area under the brow with copper tones. Draw a soft curve on the outer corner of the eyelid with dark brown matte shadow and blend inwards to create a smokey effect. Apply a stroke of shimmery red shadow to the lower lash line, which makes the eyes sultry. Finally, apply two strokes of kohl for the upper lid and one for the lower lid- mascara would be a must to enhance the look, with a winged liner to complete the sultry touch!red lipstick and eye makeup 05

5. Ombre red matte lips: Depending on what you would be wearing to the date night, and should it have too many embellishments and chunky accessories for company, we would suggest going matte hot red on your lips to balance the look. Matte red lipsticks in cool shades with a bluish tinge should be worn, with a darker shade of lip pencil applied first for lip correction. The eyes can be left neutral toned with shades matching the cool toned hues on the lips, and mascara to flash the lashes lipstick and eye makeup 06

Do let us know how you liked these five hot red lipstick and eye shadow makeup ideas for the date night?



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