Top 5 eye makeup looks of 2016

by Mansi Kohli

Ravishingly seductive eye makeup statements 2016 brings to us! Try out these looks today

The SS16 runways and fashion weeks taught us a lot about the revival of the good old 70s makeup and styles. Eminent makeup artists stole the show, lining up famous models for the world to see; clumpy lashes was a signature touch on most of them, accompanied by twiggy eyes an colored pencils for the lash lines. The retro flirty look was also noticed at the recent Met Gala 2015, and one name that comes to mind who stole more than just our breath away was SATC’s sweetheart- Sarah Jessica Parker.eye makeup looks 01

Inspirational ways to make your eyes bat away:

1. Blue eye makeupThe best part about using cool toned eye shadow in powdery to matte textures would be that the eyes look big and nice, and the shades can be worn for early evening gatherings and late into the night too. Bright, beautiful and bold; gorgeous leading ladies of the 70s showcased the trend back in the flower-power days and so did Farah from the Charlie’s Angel entourage too- 2016 wants you to emulate the same. Focus on the powdery blues more with the dabbing of the powder on the crease lines and blending the hue across the lids in one stroke.eye makeup looks 02

2. Glittery eyes for the evening: 2016 shows us how to party hard and in fashionable ways that too, wearing glitter on our eyes– not OTT though, but with a seductive hint and touch to make the eyes glow. Decide on the liner you want to wear and the style you want to flaunt first, and then use your pinky finger with your favorite glitter to dab onto the lids for the sensual Arabian effect to come through. Heavy mascara is a must to enhance the lashes and dark lined lids in black assures a sultry seductive look to come through as well. Play with teal shades to dress up the lower and the upper tear lines; the contrast of dark and light is a mesmerizing one for sure!eye makeup looks 03

3. Sunset tea stained eyes: For the early evening parties and to emulate the mood of the ambiance around, flaunt those eyes with a sunset tea stained touch. Neutral brown cream shades for the base should be used for the eyelids to begin with, over which a matte shade of dull rosy red eye shadow should be used. Tip here to think off- use matte pink and red in the dullest of shades as a mix to apply all over the eyelids. Invisible mascara to be used for the lower and upper lashes; light brown eye pencil for the rimming of the eyes should be done as well.eye makeup looks 04

4. Shimmer bohemian eyes: Bohemia fantasy for 2016 is quite different from what it was back in the 70s. This time though, one would want to focus more on the teal shimmer tones in cool colors for the fantasy eye makeup to come through. Neutral tones for the lids with touches of shimmer well-blended should be the first base to set. Following this, dark kohl rimmed eyes and heavy mascara donned lashes should be done. Complete the look with teal shimmery blue touches from the lower inner corner of the eyes with soft bluish shimmery tones on the lower lash line extended, all the way to the outer end of the lower lashes.eye makeup looks 05

5. Darkest dark smokey eyesAs the years pass by, the saga of smokey eyes only gets highly intensified as though there was no tomorrow to come. Back in the 70s, smokey eyes were big hits and with a range of shades being played along that too- blues, greens, yellows, orange, teal, shimmers and metallic tones too- 2016 wants is blacker than black and grayer than gray. More shimmer mixed with black and steel toned eye shadows would be the ideal recipe for darkest smokey eyes to flaunt this summer. What say?eye makeup looks 06

Need more options?

Prep up ladies, you haven’t seen anything yet if you haven’t tried to be innovative and creative. Send us your thoughts and ideas on how to make a stunning eyedo, and we would like to share it with the world!





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