5 Simple eye makeup looks for a summer party

by Mansi Kohli

Minimal, chic and simple summer party eye makeup looks for the beach, the pool and the farmhouse parties!

With summer months beating harsh and wild, do we care to sit at home and do just about nothing? The answer is NO! A party is a must, by the pool, at the beach or maybe hopping over to your bestie’s farmhouse- far from the maddening crowds. In ensembles fit for the occasion, you shall dress up too, however, what about the makeup? A wet party day look for the summer, quite minimal yet chic and trendy is a must to wear and flaunt. Need ideas? Here we are with a couple of them!simple eye makeup 01

1. Dress up the face like the 1940’s dancer girls: The look back then for the summers of 1940’s was all of naturalness and a healthy flush on the cheeks. This is why we would want you to emulate the look of the era gone by, with natural soft brows, healthy blush on the cheeks, nude to matte red lips and very light eye shadow preferably in neutral tones to make a sassy appearance at the farm house summer parties- day or night.simple eye makeup 02

2. Smokey teal eyes and ruffled eyebrows: Gone are the days when PYTs wanted to have their eyebrows dolled up stark and arched; the messy eyebrow look for SS16 has been unveiled on various ramp shows and fashion weeks across the globe. The trend is catching up with a messy touch of invisible mascara applied to the brows and ruffled, and along with that, instead of using shimmering metallic tones for the eyes, you can have teal or blue kohl rimmed eyes smudged with glitter for the sultry appearance at evening and night parties.simple eye makeup 03

3. Dramatic caramel eyesKeeping the look minimal and trendy, celebrities this summer are playing more with neutral tones and warm tones to shine out at the evening summer parties. Eye makeup on subtle matte browns, orange tinges, red tints and even with shades of peach and creams for the lids, with tight-lined eyes in brown kohl is a trendy party eye makeup wear for the summer day party look! Balance the look with glossy nude to peach or pink lip gloss (for thin lips) or shimmer base lipstick for thick lips.simple eye makeup 04

4. Dewy twiggy eyes and nude lipsA little dewiness for the evening saga is a must, which is why the cheeks need to be highlighted with a touch of dewy shimmer powder once the foundation base is set. To make the eyes stand out, we would rim the upper and the lower lash line twice with dark kohl, and create a minimal liner effect. Voluminizing mascara touches on both lashes are a must- two strokes each and lashes separated with a brush, brings the twiggy look. Complete the look with nude to peach lips, with a hint of gloss.simple eye makeup 05

5. Beachy sultry vibes for those eyes: Keeping in tune with the mood and the ambiance around, wearing your bikini top and a sarong whilst hitting the beach is a fashion statement to flaunt, no doubt- enhance the look further with a touch of dark kohl rimmed eyes, winged or cat eyeliner for the sensual effect and neutral toned semi-shimmery eyelids to flaunt. You can further complete the look with glossy pink or nude lips, to keep it minimal and balanced. A tip here- to make the eyes a little extra sultry, you could use a darker shade of brown on the outer section of the eyes and smudge it inwards for a smokey beach-ish boho chic look.simple eye makeup 06

Inspired already with these gorgeous five eye makeup styles for the summer party? Do let us know of your thoughts and ideas on the same lines, we are waiting!



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