Beauty Poll #65 – What haircut should you get

Want a haircut but don’t know what’s going to suit you? Worry not! Just answer these 6 fun questions about yourself to know which haircut is apt for you!

Poll Tuesdays


4 or more As: You should try a textured bob! You are young, quirky and experimental– that’s why your friends look to you for style advice. Rocking a textured bob is effortlessly chic and won’t have you standing in front of the mirror for hours on end. Besides, washing them ONLY once a week (all thanks to your laid-back attitude), won’t be an issue.

4 or more Bs: You should try shaggy layers! You’re at that stage of your life where being ambitious and having a bit of an attitude can pretty much change your life. The best part is that you are very comfortable in your own skin and know your style to a T. Adding some shaggy layers to your haircut (regardless of the length!) will help frame your cute face and give your hair a little extra oomph. So, be it attending an office meeting or stepping out for party, this haircut will give you a stunner look!

4 or more Cs: What a perfect age to get yourself an elegant makeover! You should try a lob! You’re a polished kind of lady who has seen it all and is now all relaxed. Lob is feminine and classic. There’s something subtly sexy about a shoulder-skimming lob and you’re just at the right stage to try it out. Opt for soft layers or one length—you can’t go wrong with either!

What do you think?

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