5 Cool eye shadow ideas for a refreshing summer look

by Mansi Kohli

Five cool eye shadow and makeup ideas that you can wear to work every day!

Without raising an eyebrow at work, or maybe when you are out on an important client meet, you can dress up your eyelids in the coolest of shades and look professional too. Summer harsh sun’s rays can be very unforgiving, and with that being said, although warm tones are best to use in a subtle touch, you can still play with cool shades without manifesting the grayish tone. All you need is a light touch and a matte tone for each shade you choose. And we are here to show you seven interesting and amazing ideas – cool, warm and neutral tones that your boss and colleagues at work would be impressed with. Check them out!cool eye shadow ideas 01

1. Neutral shades for the eyes:

Neutrals are not boring, not when a hint of caramel touches are bestowed on the eyelids, making it the perfect combination to wear with Indo-western and western wear. The look comes through as natural, with a slight hint of color and plenty of pizzazz to flaunt. Focus more on the mid section of the eyes with caramel browns in matte tones and highlight the brow area with the lightest shade of yellow in matte as well. Tightline the tear lines with dark kohl, and keep the lips pink to peach.

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2. Teal inner corners for the bold summer look:

Bold can be cool too, and when teal blue eye shadow comes into play, you get noticed as well. Get a little bold with the day sun and play with color rich eye shadow to line the inner corner of the eyes – up and down. A very relaxed yet cool effect comes through. Complete the look with invisible mascara for the upper and lower lash line and dark kohl for the upper lid only. Hot red lips or hot pink glossy lips balances the look.

Zuri recommends: Maybelline Color Molten Limited Edition Eye Shadow Sweeping Blue 400cool eye shadow ideas 03

3. A touch of matte grays for the lids

While most women would shudder thinking of wearing smokey grays for the day during the summers, the shade can actually work wonders with a hint of light browns. Focus on the mid section to the outer section of the eyes with moderate dark grays, blended into the lightest caramel browns from the inner to the mid section of the eyes. Two strokes of kohl for the upper lid only, and a stroke of mascara on each lash completes the look.

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4. Twiggy eyes and winged liner:

To make an intense statement at work, you may use heavy mascara coats to bring about a twiggy full eyelash look. What you would need to focus on here is to enhance the volume and length of the lashes, which only a reputed voluminizing mascara in black can do. Use cake liner to help create the non-smudgy winged liner you desire to flaunt, and balance the look with red hot glossy red lips for the day! Opt for a mascara which has long term curl memory formula and it’s got everything to amplify your lashes. 

Zuri recommends: Lakme Absolute Flutter Secrets Volumizing Mascaracool eye shadow ideas 05

5. The sultry suburbia look:

The sultry suburbia look plays with a mix of pale neutral and warm tones in equal measure. For this you would need a touch of reddish browns in very light matte tones and nude eye shadow in matte tones for the highlights on the brow area. Focus should be paid with the whole lid and the lower eyelash region being dolled up in red-brown matte tones, while the brown bone to the crease line should have subtle hints of nude tones added. The inner corner of the eyes should have a touch of white. Dark tightlined eyes are best to flaunt with this look with kajal pencil in use. Lips should be nude to peach or very light pink only!

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